21 – 1984 #1 w/ Nicole

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I’ve been told to read 1984 thousands of times, to be honest. So, you can imagine my excitement when Nicole said she would watch it with me! In this episode, we talk about a lot of our theories about 1984 and the world it’s created as well as go through the plot. So, buckle up and enjoy the episode!

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The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.

Winston Smith toes the Party line, rewriting history to satisfy the demands of the Ministry of Truth. With each lie he writes, Winston grows to hate the Party that seeks power for its own sake and persecutes those who dare to commit thoughtcrimes. But as he starts to think for himself, Winston can’t escape the fact that Big Brother is always watching…

A startling and haunting novel, 1984 creates an imaginary world that is completely convincing from start to finish. No one can deny the novel’s hold on the imaginations of whole generations, or the power of its admonitions—a power that seems to grow, not lessen, with the passage of time.


Transcripts are coming soon!

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