3 – Pride and Prejudice #3 w/ Amanda Faye

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Uh, are they in love yet? Well, we’re getting close! Join us for this episode about Pride and Prejudice with Amanda Faye.

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Rachel: Alright, you ready to rumble? Start talking about Pride and Prejudice again?

Amanda: When am I not ready to talk about Pride and Prejudice?

Rachel: That’s true, that’s true.

(Theme song plays)

Rachel: I’m pumped, we get to talk more about Charlotte and apparently her tabby cat personality.

Amanda: I found- I did find some interesting things on Charlotte yesterday. We’re not the only ones that think she’s gay.

Rachel: Yeah.

Amanda: But we’ll, we’ll talk about that when we get there.

Rachel: Yeah, ’cause I was like, You know I wanted- I was hoping that someone had done like more in-depth research. You know, because I was hoping that there would be like clues. So I did see that someone wrote something saying like, “Oh, you know, she Jane Austen might have not intended for her bengay but that she knew someone who was like secretly gay at the time, and that’s how they behaved. And she wrote Charlotte based off of that not knowing.” So I saw that that was a theory that was posed.

Amanda: I could see that totally happening.

Rachel: Yeah, ’cause I don’t know enough about Jane Austen’s history to know if she intended Charlotte to be gay, but also, like it wouldn’t surprise me, she did.

Amanda: Well Jane Austen. I mean she never got married, she never.She was a- single for her entire life.

Rachel: Oh, really?

Amanda: mhm.

Rachel: Oh, I thought yeah OK, maybe I was confusing her with someone else. I thought she had a husband. (Amanda makes a sound of denial) OK Oh yeah, I know more about Mary Shelley for some reason that I do Jane Austen. Did you read that article I sent you?

Amanda:  You know what I didn’t read it yet, but I’ve got it bookmarked, so I’m going to.

Rachel: It tells like everything about her and I love it. Apparently there’s a movie or something too about Mary Shelley that I didn’t know about. Hello everyone and welcome back to Pride and prejudice. I am joined once again by Amanda.

Amanda: Hi everybody, how are you doing?

Rachel: And we are going to be covering starting with Chapter 28. And if you haven’t listened to the first episode on Pride and Prejuidce, make sure to go back and listen to that, because this continues on and it’s all spoiler based. So if you haven’t read the book and you haven’t listened to episode one, I would definitely recommend doing that.

Amanda: Yes.

Rachel:  So, with Chapter 28, Elizabeth left her aunt and uncle’s house and is now at Charlotte’s house, which I as soon as they she came to Charlottes House. I was immediately like nervous that their friendship was not going to rekindle in the same way.

Amanda: Yeah, because they left with a lot of bad feelings. I think between them ’cause, well, as what’s your face, is what Charlotte was upset that Elizabeth didn’t understand and Elizabeth was upset that Charlotte, Charlotte would even marry him in the 1st place.

Rachel: Yeah, I was like oh, this is going to be awkward for everybody involved. And then Charlotte is pretending that she doesn’t hear all the embarrassing things Collins says, which I thought was hilarious. She was just like whenever Collins and say something. Sure, it would be like, “la la la.”

Amanda: She, I mean, she handles him perfectly. She just let him ramble and then ignores everything he says. It’s perfect.

Rachel: I know, I thought it was so funny.And then, um.Mrs. Jenkinson and her daughter are in the garden by the Collins which OK in the movie I was really disappointed that we did not get to see Collins’s garden because I thought it was going to be awesome and I’m a little disappointed that we never got to see it like he brags about this so much in the movie.In the books that are, yeah, OK, they’re going to show it’s gonna be killer. And then I’m like.Well.Didn’t get to see that.

Amanda: I had never even thought about it to be honest with you.

Rachel: I just like it was such a like Collins would not stop talking about it. So I was like OK, we’re going to see it. It’s gonna be like I thought it was going to be good but like not exceptional by any means you know and it’s just gonna be one of those things that he was like “oh this is so good and I do it so well” then I was just gonna like one shrubbery.

Amanda, laughing: That would have been awesome.

Rachel: Yeah, I thought it was hilarious, so then we find out that Catherine’s daughter is very thin and apparently looks sickly, but they don’t really say what she has, which I thought was kind of strange. Like they just said she was really thin so I was just like she just one of those people has a fast metabolism and at that time that like. People didn’t really like when we were thin? I don’t know.

Amanda: She probably had an autoimmune disease because we talked about how she got sick real easy and stuff, and at that point in time, you know medicine wasn’t exactly in tip top shape so they just a weak constitution was what they called it.

Rachel: Yeah, I wasn’t. I didn’t know what that meant to be honest.But yeah, I was like always wondering ’cause I was like oh like keep referencing it but they don’t actually say what it is but I guess they probably just didn’t know.

Amanda: Yeah.

Rachel: So then they say that everything’s going to dine at Catherine’s tomorrow and then we move on to Chapter 29. So at this point Collins is telling everyone to what to expect and he tells Elizabeth not to worry.Lady Catherine will not think less of her because she is simply dressed and I was like, “Oh, he’s such a dirtbag.”

Amanda: He thinks he’s so much better than Elizabeth just because he lives next door to Lady Catherine and it’s I just want to smack him upside the head.

Rachel: Oh, I know and it’s just like he is at the same point, like wealth-wise they are basically the same before he was around Catherine and now he thinks he’s all high and mighty ’cause he’s around Catherine.

Amanda: Yep.

Rachel: So annoying. To Elizabeth, Catherine’s reminds her of Darcy so she’s not super worried. Wait sorry, hold on. I read. I read my notes wrong. Oh, to Elizabeth, Catherine reminds her of Darcy so she is not wowed with Catherine. She thinks she’s like pompous like Darcy is. And then Catherine starts pressing her to figure out who she is, what kind of money her family has, like, if she’s had a governess, which to me that sounds like a home school teacher, kind of like a teacher that comes to your house?

Amanda: Well, a governess is normally somebody who lives with who lives with the female daughter and yeah, not just home schooling but runs her life basically.

Rachel: Oh okay. Yeah, I was like guessing it was something along that but she was like shocked that the kids didn’t have one.

Amanda: So when when we see.When we see the daughter.The woman she that she’s always with Mrs. Jennings that that is her governess. Well only because.Because the daughter, whose name has totally left me suddenly.

Rachel: I can’t remember it either.

Amanda: Has never been out in society or anything, and because she’s so weak, instead of getting rid of the governor when she’s reached a certain age like his is normal, she’s just stayed on as her permanent companion. So, she is her governess.

Rachel: OK, I just.Yeah, I was when I was reading that part of like so do like are you rich to have a governess or is it like middle class people also have governess or like? What’s the breakdown there do you think?

Amanda: Middle class people as well and.Yeah, middle class people. People that have country homes that that don’t have to basically work for a living that live off their properties and stuff. Those sort of families would normally ever governess. That’s why Lady Catherine was so surprised that they didn’t have a governess because she’s a gentleman’s daughter, and so that that sort of household would be expected to employ that sort of person.

Rachel: So are they kind of like…Um, what’s that called when a family does like the no school?That’s not what it’s called, but instead of home schooling, they go like world schooling.

Amanda: Yeah Yeah, but but I mean at that point in time they didn’t have traditional schools, nor did especially even if they had traditional schools like they had colleges and stuff. But women weren’t permitted to go to them. So, any sort of education that a woman had had to be done at home.

Rachel: That in my note it just says Katherine is so full of herself.Which I think is the understatement of the century.

Amanda: And she doesn’t even understand it. She thinks that this is normal. You know that that everybody should be honored that she is so elevated above the world that we should be honored to listen to her ram on about how to play the piano, even though she admits she can’t play the piano and she can’t play the piano. But she’s giving advice on it.

Rachel: I know she’s like well, if I had… If my daughter was able to go to school and stuff, she we have an absolute talent. Everyone comes to me for my musical ear and all that kinda stuff was like that. So Chapter 30, every day, Charlotte and Collins make at least one trip over to Catherine’s house. And Elizabeth doesn’t understand it like that. Seems like a lot like, I guess that she Catherine likes the attention, so it’s not like they’re outstaying their welcome, but to me it’s just like that’s… Because you don’t just go over there for 15 minutes, that’s taking like an hour or two out of your day to go see someone every day.

Amanda: Well, yes, Catherine most certainly loves the attention she likes being fond on and then on top of that it’s not like they’ve got jobs or anything to.

Rachel: That’s true.Yeah, I just I can’t.As an introvert, I just couldn’t imagine socializing every single day for a couple hours and being OK with that.

Amanda: Yeah no.

Rachel: I just ripped my headphones on my microphone.So chapter, oh, I already said that Darcy said he’ll be there. Catherine reveals that Darcy is going to be there in a few weeks to celebrate Easter.And then I was like.Yes, and then it immediately jumps forward to Darcy’s already there.So Darcy comes to Collins house and Elizabeth at that time mentions that her sister has been in town for three months and ask, is he’s had the honor of seeing her and Darcy looks a little confused and says that he hasn’t.

Amanda: So I just wanna let it be said that this point in time with them,at Lady, Catherine’s together is my favorite in the book. Andthe reason it’s actually my favorite in the book is not because of this book.There is another book that shows Pride and prejudice from his point of view.And it is, it’s almost perfect, you can have both books in one hand and read it like a dual POV. I mean it’s, it’s just that it flows that seamlessly and so this part of the book is my favorite. The only because when I’m reading Pride and prejudice, the original. I’m like mentally reading his point of view.You know, so I read his. I see his interactions differently now that I’ve read the other one.

00:11:51 Rachel

Like we’re going to have a Patreon episode after I read Darcy’s point of view and it’s just going to be me going, “Oh my gosh, you are so right. I can’t believe it. Darcy, in this point…”  and it’ll just be me going on and on about Darcy for like 20 minutes.

Amanda: Girl I could go on and on for Darcy for like 20 hours. I mean what is there not to go on about.

Rachel: Your husband hearing you from the other room like what?

Amanda: Oh he’s well aware. Yeah, he’s well aware. Actually he’s got black hair and so I’m like, you know, if you just just a little bit taller. Just a little bit, he’s got the tall, dark and brooding down. Let me tell you, my husband is all sorts of brooding. I said, if you just were a little bit richer. I can make this work.

Rachel: Get his legal, his last name legally changed.

Amanda: I tried to get him to dress up as Pride and Prejudice for Halloween one year, but he shut me down hard.

Rachel: Ah, dang it I would have loved to see those photos.

Amanda: Man, it would’ve been awesome, but you know.Oh well.

Rachel: We can’t have everything we want.So, Chapter 31, Lady Catherine invited them over, but she’s not seem overly pleased by it, so I think she just kind of wanted to invite everyone except Elizabeth over but she had to also invite Elizabeth over ’cause she was there. That’s my theory at least.

Amanda: Well, I think part of the problem is she was not aware that that Darcy and Elizabeth had already known each other and then as she’s watching, I mean anybody that watches the interactions between them knows that even if they don’t realize it themselves, everybody who watch is the interaction between them knows there’s something going on.

Rachel: Oh yeah, for sure.

Amanda: And she’s got designs for Darcy for other reasons, so watching him talk with Elizabeth, I’m sure did not make Lady Catherine all that comfortable.

Rachel: Yeah, I’m sure that was like a big part of the reason too. And like how she kind of just tries to make Elizabeth be like trash the entire time.So Colonel Fitzwilliam is talking to Elizabeth, and they’re having an engaging conversation that every single person there gets jealous of. And this is one thing that I wanted to see in the movie, but they didn’t show it, at least in the 2005. And then Katherine demands that they tell her what they were talking about, which is so annoying. It’s so shady because it’s like.I don’t know. I hate. I hate when people do that when you’re trying to have a private conversation and then they’re like, “Oh, you guys are having fun. Just tell me like you should be able to tell every single person here” and you’re like, no. So annoying.And then Katherine says they need to speak aloud so that she can participate since no one has better taste in music than she. ’cause they mentioned that they were talking about music.And then Catherine says that Elizabeth will never get better if she does not practice every day and she made many offers to Elizabeth to come over and practice where she wouldn’t be in anyone’s way.So Elizabeth starts playing with the Colonel on the piano and Darcy walks up and starts. She starts teasing him about the ball, when he first appears.And like I was like, “Oh, but you didn’t even want to dance with anybody,” and I think she specifically is like oh to the Colonel, she says.Oh, if I told you what Darcy was like when I first met him, you’d be appalled,” right?

Amanda: Yep.And then he’s like, “Oh pray, do tell” and Darcy by this point in time he’s relaxed enough around ’cause remember at the beginning they were like “Oh no, you don’t you. Don’t joke you. Don’t pick on Darcy, you don’t,” you know. But now he’s relaxed enough around Elizabeth and he’s like, “OK, you know, I’ll tolerate it. I’ll put up with it. Go ahead and pick on me.I’ll be cool about it“ by this point in time.

Rachel: And then I think that’s the first realization that Darcy was like, “Oh wait, that actually hurt your feelings what.”’cause he’s like, “Oh, I’m so smooth, smooth operator. She totally likes me back” and then she’s like you were trash and I heard you call me ugly and he’s like.Uh…”Whoopsie Poopsie.

Amanda: But he’s honest with her though, he tells her he says I I don’t have the capability of of easily conversing with those that I don’t know. You know our our poor anxiety. I mean, our poor Dorsey has a little bit of an anxiety disorder, I think, and so being around all those people freaked him out. He’s like I’m sorry.

Rachel: Yeah, I totally get that. But just like Elizabeth has no chill at all.

Amanda: None that she’s got. She’s got all the subtlety of a bull in a China shop.

Rachel: I know she’s like, “You know what your aunt says. She says you should practice.”

Amanda: But she’s trying to be mean to him and at this point in time, he thinks she’s flirting with him.

Rachel: She’s like “you’re trash” and Darcy’s like “but I love you though.”

Amanda: Hit me harder please.

Rachel: And then Elizabeth can tell that Darcy does not love his cousin who everyone expects him to marry. And she’s like, “oh, awkward” and Darcy’s like it’s because I love you.

Amanda, laughing: I know.

Rachel: So Chapter 32, the next day, Elizabeth is home alone and Darcy just rolls in like. In the movie, they just did it so dramatically, like in in the book I’m imagining he knocks on the door and he’s like, oh hey, what’s up? But in the movie he’s like Bam, Bam, Bam, Bam walks in the room he’s like here I am.

Amanda: I love. Love the interpretations of the movie. ’cause I’m I read the book before the movie and now every time I reread the books and I’ve seen the movie so many times. Yeah, that every time I reread the book I have like the mannerisms of the movie. In my mind, you know I just I love. I love the way they interpreted that on the big screen.

Rachel: I know at some point I’m going to reread it because the the part where he enters the ball for the first time he’s ever shown up and everyone goes completely silent and stares at him. I was like. Woah. It’s like, that’s so dramatic and I thought it was so funny, but I was like in my head. I didn’t think anybody like really notice that he was there like they notice, but like not super. But the fact that everyone is completely silent spreads across the room so he can walk to the other side. And then everyone’s like immediately resumes as soon as he passes. I just thought it was hilarious.

Amanda: No wonder he’s got an issue with crowds, right?

Rachel: Yeah, I know I I would be a little uncomfortable if every single person stop talking to watch me. Like I can’t blame him there.

Amanda: Not at all.

Rachel: So Darcy says that Bingley may sell the house near the Bennett family. And that’s all that he really says. And he leaves after like 10 minutes and. Charlotte comes back and she mentions that she thinks Darcy might like Elizabeth.

Amanda: See everybody could see it, but then.

Rachel: I know Elizabeth like no no and I’m like yes. So chapter 33, Darcy keeps running into Elizabeth on her walks and she’s starting to think it might not be an accident.

Amanda: But you see, she she’s so stupid. She’s so stupid I just wanna hit her and I I hate it when women are willfully ignorant in romance novels, it just drives me nuts. You know, of course he’s trying to run into you, but she’s like, oh, he’s trying to antagonize me. He’s trying to get a rise out of me. No girl. He’s trying to stalk you because he’s afraid to talk to you. OK, he just wants to finally like a puppy dog.

Rachel: Because in real life when women are experiencing this, I meant they read into everything. We all know this, you know. You send one text and I’m going to read it 4 times and read it in different voices to decide exactly what you mean by it. I don’t just be like, “Oh, he just happens to run in to me,” No. This was planned.

Amanda: She’s just, she’s willfully ignorant, and it. Girl get it together.

Rachel: I know it drives you up a wall.

Amanda: Drives me up the wall.

Rachel: So the Colonel is joined in the guardianship of Miss Darcy, which I thought seemed strange, and I don’t really have a reason that it seems strange, but I just thought it was weird that… ’cause you would think it would just be Darcy like. I think it’s kind of weird that his cousin’s also a Guardian to the younger Miss Darcy. But maybe that’s just my opinion.

Amanda: Well no, I think it makes sense because Darcy was still young when his parents died. He was like in his 20s early early. ’cause if they’ve been gone for 10 years. I mean he’s like 8. He was like 18 when when his parents died or maybe 17 ’cause we never know when Darcy’s birthday is. So he was young when his parents died to begin with. And then? That way that not all the responsibility falls on Darcy. But it still someone else kept in the family. So no I think it makes.

Rachel: Yeah, I’m now realizing that they don’t mention every anyone’s birthday at all. The entire book.

Amanda: And we’re in the book for over a year.

Rachel: Yeah. Now I’m realizing how many books don’t mention anyone’s birthday. It’s like the same thing where it’s like no one goes to the bathroom in a book.

Amanda: I hate that. I I wrote a book that took place in one night and it was from my dude. I is the first time I’ve ever written a book from one point of view I’m normally a dual POV person and I made sure for that very reason that because the book is called one night only, so it’s just one night. I made sure for that very reason that he went pee like three times in that book and someone met- someone, wrote one of my fans comment and she’s like when does she ever go pee? Ehh, I can’t help you with that. I’m sorry I don’t know.

Rachel: You’re like, yeah, that sounds like a her problem. OK, like, I’m sorry that she has more bladder control than my guy has.

Amanda: Well, you know when when he’s not staring at her is obviously when she goes pee. I don’t know.

Rachel:  She wore a diaper the entire time. I don’t know. So Fitzwilliam the Colonel says that Darcy was congratulating himself on saving Bingley from a marriage to someone who is not right for him. And I’m really hoping that that was a misunderstanding. But it was not. And OK, so in the movie, that scene takes place in a church. It didn’t take place in a church, right like that just took place at Catherines House. OK, obviously, am I remembering this wrong? ’cause I don’t think they want to charge the entire novel. And then they were in that giant church.

Amanda: Well, and I think part of the reason they were in that giant church in the what you call it. In the movie is because that’s where our dear Mr. Collins worked. So, we had this show him having a little bit of-

Rachel: Responsibility.

Amanda: Yeah.

Rachel: Yeah, I mean it was a nice church so.Can’t say anything bad about it, but I was like am I remembering this wrong? Like I was so confused.

Amanda: Not remembering it wrong.

Rachel: OK good my memory lasts another day.And then from finding out this, Elizabeth is too upset to go to Catherines and stays home and says that she has like a belly ache or something and like gets out of it and everyone’s like “Oh no like Are you sure and?” Chapter 34. Darcy shows up and immediately he’s like “OK are you alive? Are you OK? Like I heard you had a stomach ache. What’s happening?”Like he’s basically like, “can I do anything like I will give you my soul if it means you heal.”

Amanda: He’s freaking out, right? I mean, and you have to imagine what Lady Catherine must have thought because they show up and they’re like, “Oh, she’s not with us. She doesn’t feel well” and he took off right in the middle of the dinner party.He’s like, “Oh my God, she’s sick” and and he’s out of there. Can you imagine how absurd that must have looked from the side of the dinner party?

Rachel: True Catherine thinks they’ve met once and now it’s like, OK, there’s more to this. Also, please tell me that that scene specifically is in the trilogy of Darcy point of view.

00:24:54 Amanda

Oh my God, yes yes an the the night after as he’s writing that the the I’m jumping ahead of the pool in a few minutes. But that that whole section where he’s writing out the letter and everything, all of that as he’s.

Rachel: Yes! I can’t wait to see the drama of just that specifically. I would so I’m gonna have to order those after this call. I didn’t order them last night I should have, but I’m gonna have to order it. OK, we’re on Chapter 34, so at this point Darcy admits to loving her. Finally, he is like, ah, she’s supposedly sick with a stomach ache in bed. He’s like, “hey, by the way I love you.” And he proposes, and Elizabeth rejects him, unsurprisingly, because she is absolutely shocked and she’s like, wait a second. Wait, one diddly darn minute. We hate each other. And are, Darcy’s like, wait what? She’s like we don’t get along and he goes. I thought you were flirting.

Amanda: I know he’s so just so… poor Darcy, just poor Darcy.

Rachel: That entire conversation is basically like they were on two different ends. They’re not even in the same book. They one was at the beginning, was at the end, and they’re trying to read at the same time.

Amanda: It was he just he yeah I I really feel bad. She of course, I mean he proposed poorly, obviously, but this man has spent the last desperately in love with her, and since he’s made it to Rosings, he’s like thought that he’s been courting her. He legit is getting dressed everyday. He’s meeting her everyday. You know he thinks this is a mutual thing going on. And she’s like what the what now?

Rachel: She’s like you’re stalking me and he’s like we’re in love.

Amanda: Yeah he, Darcy. It was painful for him and I I felt every minute of it.

Rachel: I just. He also could have proposed better, but you know.

Amanda: Yeah it was.

Rachel: So Elizabeth goes on to say that the main reason she’s rejecting him is because he caused her sister pain and she also at this point brings up Wickham, and in my notes I immediately write. I hope we find out the truth here. (indistinguishable) at this point. And then my notes, he said. Also, I forgot to mention that while he is proposing he said he tried to get over her but she doesn’t have good connections and he should be with someone more like him.

Amanda: I know it’s so rude.

Rachel: I know I’m like do better Darcy like.

Amanda: But at the same time in his mind. He thinks he’s being. He he thinks he’s being honest with her. You know he thinks he’s giving her a gift. He’s showing her honor by saying for all of these reasons I should not, but I still do. He thinks he’s honored her with this information and she’s like you are such a douche.

Rachel: And she’s like super offended he’s like, but I don’t understand.

Amanda: Yeah, he he really doesn’t. Doesn’t grasp the concept.

Rachel: Yeah, and then, after all that, Darcy leaves and Elizabeth is shocked and she went to go hide in her room again. And we finally get to Chapter 35 and this is where I notice that I had been misspelling Wickham the entire time. (Amanda laughing) 35 chapters in. And, um. Yeah, I I definitely need to go ’cause I’m gonna publish these notes in the Patreon whenever I get that set up. But I should definitely go through these notes before I do that and try and find every time I used Wickerham instead of Wickham.

Amanda: That’s funny.

Rachel: So Elizabeth goes on a walk, and Darcy says Darcy’s out there waiting for her and hands her letter, and then just immediately like turns, tail and leaves. Which I thought was kind of funny. So Darcy explains in the letter that he could see Bingley falling in love but did not think that Jane was equally in love. And then because of that and the lack of good connections of the Bennett family has to offer, they decided to separate them. So Darcy goes on to explain that Darcy’s father provided for. Uh, we can to go to school. Oh my gosh and all these parts I just crossed out the ER that I put in Wickerham. I need to get it together.

Amanda: It’s OK, it’s adorable.

Rachel: So, however, Darcy started to see that Wickham had ulterior motives, which he did not like. So Darcy’s dad wanted Wickham to be part of the church, but with him did not want to do it. So Darcy instead of helping him in the church like he suggested, he instead gave him £3000.00 to pursue a law degree. The law degree ended up being a fake, and Wickham wrote to Darcy, and I have to like re write every time I say it in my head. ’cause I’m reading it and I’m like no, that’s not right. Wickham wrote to Darcy again after three years of no contact, and said he wanted to be ordained and asked to be presented to the living in question, which Google did not tell me what this means. So is that him saying that he wanted to be a part of the church?

Amanda: Yeah, yeah, so that means he wanted he wanted to because they when they say a living it’s it provides the house in the income.

Rachel: Oh OK.

Amanda: If he takes up the duties of the church so yeah he wanted he wanted. The the money in the church you wanted the job basically.

Rachel: So my guess was that that meant he was trying to marry Darcy’s Sister.

Amanda: Well, you’re not too far off.

Rachel: I know. That’s my continuous guess was that he was trying to like.Marry his sister or something along those lines and that’s why Darcy didn’t like him. But like also, yes, like I wasn’t technically super incorrect.

Amanda: No, not at all.

Rachel: So then we find out that Wickham followed Georgina, Darcy and apparently tricked her into falling in love, and she consented to an elopement at the age of 15. And Darcy found out about it and wrote with him to tell him off. And then Wickham ended up running away. Which she’s on. She’s technically not even like quote out yet, right?

Amanda: Right and no. Especially about that. Well, she she could have, technically, but there’s no like age limits at that point in time. Yeah, but yeah, she was. She hadn’t been yet been presented to society.

Rachel: OK so I was like I didn’t know if she wasn’t able to get married until she was presented to society or like how that necessarily worked.

Amanda: No, she could still get married at any time, but being presented to society normally at that point in time when a woman is presented, they go through like this whole ceremony at the Church of Saint James in London I think it’s The Church of Saint James, but they go through this whole whole ceremony where they are introduced to the. The King and Queen and they do a little bow and they wear a little dress and then they do it with uh, all the other girls that are coming out that season. So and then they spend the the season quote unquote down in London, going to parties and meeting men an and basically trying to land a husband. So like this whole. This whole entertainment season is is built around. Women, young women and young men trying to hook up.

Rachel: Oh, oh. Very good. In the most tame, handholding way possible.

Amanda: Yes.

Rachel: So Chapter 36, Elizabeth is absolutely shook and she does not believe that Darcy did not know about Jane caring for Bingley, which he is shocked about the things that happened with Wickham. Elizabeth keeps thinking it over and is realizing that there were a lot of holes in Wickham Story and she’s very upset with herself over how she acted like at this point. You know, she’s like laying in bed at night and she’s like, Oh no.Oh no.

Amanda: Oh yeah.

Rachel: ’cause that was just. It’s like when you trip in like the cafeteria at school and like food spills all over you and you just can’t stop replaying it in your head over and over and over again.

Amanda: 30 years old and you’re daydreaming about the time you fell in high school.

Rachel: I know and. You’re like I will never like people probably think about this and you know, no one does. But like you’re you continuously think about it.

Amanda: Oh yeah.

Rachel: So after a couple hours of walking, Elizabeth returns in like a couple of hours of walking I waslike. Oh, she just basically ran away for a little bit and then came back.

Amanda: Exactly what she did and can you blame her? I mean…

Rachel: I mean, no, I definitely couldn’t. She really had a lot to think of an she’s probably just sitting on a bench somewhere looking at squirrels and being like I can’t believe what I’ve done.

Amanda: And rereading that letter over and over and over again.

Rachel: See now she’s trying to find holes and Darcy’s story and she can’t find any and she’s like Oh no

Amanda: ’cause the more she reads it the more Wickham’s behavior makes sense to her.

Rachel: Yeah. Ugh.  So after a couple hours of walking, Elizabeth returns home and both Darcy and the Colonel called on her while she was out and the Colonel, having stayed an hour waiting for her.

Amanda: I don’t like. I mean he couldn’t get in on that, but you know, it doesn’t mean he didn’t like it. He could like they they can’t get married, but they could flirt all they want.

Rachel: I kind of expected the kernel to be hot, so. So Chapter 37, both Darcy and the Colonel leave the next morning and then everyone goes to Catherine’s for dinner again. Catherine is trying to convince Elizabeth to stay for another week, which I didn’t really understand why. She’s trying to convince Elizabeth so badly to stay when she didn’t even really like Elizabeth, but I wonder if she just liked having someone to bully.

Amanda: Oh yeah, oh most definitely.

Rachel: Yeah, that was kind of my guess.

Amanda: I think she likes Elizabeth up until the fact that she realizes. That because Elizabeth I mean one of the things that people like Elizabeth is. She’s not like a lot of the other girls you know, she’s mouthy. She doesn’t apologize for being mouthy, and that when you’re used to people you know being sycophant all day long, that could be a nice change of turn. I think her, her main problem with Elizabeth comes. When she realizes that Darcy wants to marry Elizabeth, at which point then the real issues.

Rachel: Yeah, know she’s like, “Oop I don’t like that.” So Elizabeth says that she can’t stay and she needs to get back home because her dad needs her for something which is basically like that high schools excuse where you tell your mom to say no. Before you ask because she’s like “I can’t stay with Lady Catherine so say no, say I have to come home.”

(Outro music)

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