4 – Pride and Prejudice #4 w/ Amanda Faye

So, a lot happens in these chapters and we’re getting close to wrapping up Pride and Prejudice! Make sure to strap in as we talk some mad trash about Wickham and Lydia and I make my hatred even more known about some of these characters.

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Rachel: Hey, hi, hello everyone and welcome to another episode of Barely Bookish. We are once again reading Pride and Prejudice and I am joined by the lovely Amanda Faye. She’s not here for this little intro but I’m sure she’s just excited as I am to get into this. If you haven’t- If this is your very first episode of Barely Bookish, welcome, hi ,how are you? Please enjoy it but I just want you all to know that these are spoiler inclusive so if you have not read Pride and Prejudice please be sure to do that first and then come back to our episodes. But they’re a lot of fun. I hope you really enjoy them. Also if you are sort of getting down with the quarantine blues and you want to join a virtual book club, I host one. We’re currently reading A Song of Wraiths and Ruin and just go to barelybookish.com/connect and you can get the discord link and join us for that wonderful reading. We do pick new books all the time, so there’s always something that we’re reading. Always something new to read and I really hope you’ll enjoy it, but without further ado, let’s get into this episode of Barely Bookish.

(Intro Music)

Rachel: So Chapter 38, Collins continuously toots his own horn for a minute about knowing Katherine again and then Elizabeth and Marie, Charlotte’s sister are going to stay at with Jane, at Elizabeth aunt and uncle’s house for a little bit. So Chapter 39, Elizabeth and Jane are back home again. They kind of like a quick turn around and Wickham is gonna go marry Mary King and she’s got… Oh is not going to anymore because she went away to her uncle in Liverpool. That was like a short thing anyways.

Amanda: Yeah.

Rachel: So Chapter 40 Elizabeth fills Jane in on everything that happened with Mr. Darcy. Elizabeth is trying to figure out she should reveal the truth about Mr. Darcy. Um, and then she kind of ends up telling Jane, but they decided not to tell the entire family, but she doesn’t tell Jane about Bingley. She just doesn’t want to bring it back up again. And then while Elizabeth is home she could also see how much Jane cares about being late, which makes me so sad. Like in this part. So I’m like, “Oh no, they have love. They should be together.”

Amanda: It is sad.

Rachel: Yeah, that part hurt me. That hurt me. So Chapter 41 Lydia is going to Brighton after the soldiers and staying with a friend to try and catch a husband which is the beginning of the downward spiral. Elizabeth is trying to get her father to check Lydia so that she doesn’t embarrass them all and the family went out to dinner with some of the soldiers. Elizabeth tells Wickham that she actually saw Darcy and the Colonel. That makes it Wickham super uncomfortable.

Amanda: Oh yeah, he’s like squirming in his seat. He’s like, uh… uh… uh….

Rachel: Well, yeah. So Chapter 42 Lydia has officially gone after the officers and is staying with a family friend, but her letters are leaving much to be desired. She basically is just saying like, “OK, sure, Yep, having fun, definitely safe” and that’s about it.

Amanda: Well, she’s not the brightest crayon in the box, so I bet writing is painful for her.

Rachel: She’d much rather be like speaking, going out with boys, then actually writing home to her family.

Amanda: Yep.

Rachel: Elizabeth’s trip with her aunt and uncle is now going to be a bit shorter and they won’t make it to the Lake which Elizabeth is really disappointed about. Elizabeth, aunt Elizabeth’s aunt and uncle arrive and drop their kids off to be watched by Jane. So they’re traveling and their Pemberly, which is where Darcy grew up and in this moment I was like, “oh, I think he still owns it,” and Elizabeth is nervous that she’ll run into him, bom, bom, bom…

Amanda: Bom, bom, bom!

Rachel: So Elizabeth hears that they’re not gonna be home for the summer, so she relaxes and ends up going. So Chapter 43 Elizabeth kind of kind of loves the natural beauty of Pemberley, and she’s really enjoying it. And she’s like, “oh, maybe I should have married that guy ’cause like this is a really nice house.”

Amanda: And you could tell how much care they put into it.

Rachel: ’cause it’s not just a nice house, it’s like they actually enjoy it and care for it, which I love.

Amanda: And I at the outside too. She just you know how much she loves to be outside and the outside. It’s beautiful.

Rachel: Yeah. I just- When they showed the house on like the 2005 remake I was like, oh my gosh. Like yeah yeah. I would also marry someone who’s not that great of a person for the house. Like I get it and then I thought it was kind of weird that they’re even able to get into this house like I didn’t. Is that something that people did? If they were rich is like visit their house even when they aren’t there?

Amanda: Yep, they most of the times they have the public wing in the private wing.

Rachel: OK.

Amanda: So they people weren’t allowed to go to the private wings of the house, obviously, because that’s where the actual people lived, but the private public wings, or it was- It was expected that if you owned a great house and that’s what that’s why it was called a great house. You know it was meant to be on display, so it was. It was expected that if you owned one of these types of properties and you wanted to show it off. I mean, sometimes you know some of these houses you know they’d spent 1000 years collecting and organizing and they’ve got portraits of grandparents that are, you know, 600 years old on the wall they wanna share- show this off to to people they want to. They want people to say “Oh, look at how pretty it is like a what a good job you’ve done,”

Rachel: Yeah.

Amanda: So yeah, that was that was part of the housekeeper’s job was to make sure that the house stayed presentable.

Rachel: ’cause like I don’t know, maybe I just don’t know that much about history I guess. But I was like, oh, that’s kind of weird, right? Like? So, and this is the point where she’s like Elizabeth starting to feel a little sad that she rejected the proposal ’cause she absolutely loves house. And then they say, after saying that Darcy is not going to arrive all summer, they say that Darcy is supposed to ride the house tomorrow with some friends and that Miss Darcy is going to be coming with them. So, she’s like, “OK, well, at least we came today so I won’t see him.”

Amanda: Whoops.

Rachel: Whoops. Um, the housekeeper thinks super highly of both the Darcys, which I thought was really nice because I think the fact that they treat the people who work for them well shows a lot about their character.

Amanda: Yes.

Rachel: So it sounds like this is where the housekeeper kind of talks about how good of a brother Darcy is and how he absolutely spoils little sister, which I thought was super cute. Um Elizabeth is starting to warm to Darcy more. And at this point I wasn’t calling it love. I don’t think that she was in love with him yet. I think she just doesn’t hate him. So then I was like in my notes, it just says “Darcy showed up!” with an exclamation mark and he immediately comes up and greets them after being in complete shock by spying them from like across the field, he’s like. Op there’s people at my house, and I op it’s Elizabeth.

Amanda: Now you’ve seen the 2005 movie, did you watch it I’m- I’m assuming this isn’t No, but did you watch the BBC mini-series?

Rachel: No, not yet.

Amanda: Have you, even though you have not watched the BBC mini-series, have you seen the coming out of the lake scene?

Rachel: No?

Amanda: It is probably one of the most famous scenes in cinematic history, and it is what made Colin Firth. Colin Firth played Darcy.

Rachel: Yeah, I see I saw that.

Amanda: Yeah, so in the miniseries, the way they see each other is, he is coming home all by himself, you know. And he comes up to a little lake on the property and he’s like it’s hot. I’m by myself, nobody’s here, whatever. So he strips down to his other things. It jumps in the water. Now remember the underthings at that point in time we’re still, you know, longish pants and he’s got his breeks on and he’s got but just the white shirt. But you know they don’t have buttons or anything, so the white shirt is open. A good chunk of the way so you can see some skin, and so he jumps into the water. We see him swimming for a little bit, she’s walking around the property. And as he’s coming out of the water, still wet is when they run into each.

Rachel: Oh my gosh! Hold on OK, we’re pausing I’m gonna I have to look this up so that we can talk about it right now hold on yeah let me just pull it up oh.That handsome man.

Amanda: This changed his career. I mean everything he’s done from this point on has been to try to not be typecast as Darcy.

Rachel: But he’s so beautiful.

Amanda: But then he’s- he’s actually played Darcy twice. If you want to think about. He did it in this and then he did it in Bridget Jones Diary.

Rachel: Oh really?

Amanda: Have you not seen Bridget Jones diary?

Rachel: No…

Amanda: It’s a modern retake of Pride and prejudice.

Rachel: Ugh I’m going tohave to watch it.

Amanda: He plays Darcy in that one too. OK, well, now that when when you’re done watching that I have to talk to you about another one, then that you’ll enjoy just as much.

Rachel: I got to the point where they got awkward, so we’re good. We’re good. I I’ve experienced it. I appreciate it. I had to know.

Amanda: There is another BBC mini-series based off of a Pride and Prejudice, Pride and Prejudice retelling or sequel. That book is called Lost in Austin. And what happens in that book is a modern-day woman, who is obsessed with Pride and Prejudice- me me. Goes through a portal. In a bathroom and ends up inside Pride and Prejudice as Elizabeth and Elizabeth switches with her. And ends up in modern day London or New York or wherever it is. And so there’s a BBC miniseries based off of its such a good book. Based off of that book, but they recreate the water scene for the BBC miniseries, and like a different fashion, but that one is is. Even better, because the guy that plays Darcy is super cute and we actually see him rise from the water and his shirt is all see through. And yeah, abs through the water and-

Rachel: That’s what I need in my life.

Amanda: I think if I remember correctly, ’cause it’s been a long time since I’ve seen that, but I I think she actually asks him ’cause she’s she’s obsessed with. She’s seen everything, so I think she actually asks him to jump into the lake and then to come back out so she can recreate the scene from the original series.

Rachel: Oh, I need that. I need to see that. That was so funny.

Amanda: So I hope you weren’t planning on leaving Pride and Prejudice universe anytime soon, because it’s going to take you. It’s gonna take you a good six weeks to get through all this. Depending on how quickly you read.

Rachel: Yeah, honestly, OK, so back to the book. I get so distracted because there’s so many good side versions of this.

Amanda: Yes, yes there is.

Rachel: So Elizabeth is immediately regretting coming as soon as he’s left. And she’s starting to wonder what he thinks of her and if he still likes her. And this is the point where it’s like, “Oh yeah, she’s starting to catch feelings.” So as they’re walking through the woods, Darcy comes back out to meet them again. And Elizabeth introduces Darcy to her aunt and uncle and he stays in walks with them and offers her uncle to come and fish as much as he wishes. So Elizabeth tells Darcy that she was told he would not be there. Darcy asks if he can introduce his sister to her and I was like, “yes, yes, it’s love. It’s love.” Elizabeth says she’ll meet his sister and she thinks that Darcy is probably trying to set her up or something. So Elizabeth is now leaving with her aunt uncle and they are talking about how much they like Darcy and this is the point where I was Elizabeth’s aunt’s like. “Oh, do you like Darcy, don’t you?” And she’s like, “no, I just think he’s OK” and she’s like, “mhm. Mmmhm.”

Amanda: Well, and I mean as they made it very clear, I’m sure. The Master of the house coming out to greet people that are touring? Is not something that’s heard of you know that’s not his job. He cares nothing about it, you know so. Just the fact that he came running back out of the house. He switches clothes and everything because he’s like a hot mess he’s been riding. He’s covered in dirt. So he runs into the House says “Oh my God people,” he’s yelling at the the housekeeper, he’s like ,you know “what did they do? What they say? How did you to treat them? Did you offer them this? Did you offer them that?” at the same time his Butler stripping him down, changing his clothes, putting him back on, making sure he looks OK and he’s back out of that house 15 minutes later, chasing them down the walkway. You know that alone, they were looking at Mr. Darcy like the… you know, somehow this something fishy is going on here because even the fact that a Darcy even looked in their direction is setting up all sorts of warning bells that just was not done in that that time at age. It was so improper for him to come up to them like that, yeah.

Rachel: So now I’m imagining that Darcy was like doing that thing where you run until you’re like close enough, and then he starts walking casually like he wasn’t running and he’s like, la la la.

Amanda: Oh absolutely, at pit -that you know that. That’s what had to happen. ’cause look at how big that property is. OK, not just in in the movie and the book, you know for him the the driveway is like 6 miles. So for him to get inside his house to where they were trying to get back into their carriage. Dude had to haul ass then as soon as he got close enough he dropped down and had to regulate his breathing so it looked like he wasn’t huffing and puffing to catch up.

Rachel: He’s like just bring a horse, bring it and make it meet me at the door I will ride I’m gonna sprint that horse you know we’ll get there then he gets off the horse and he’s like “I just casually walked back.”

Amanda: Exactly, yeah yeah. So warning bells are going off in the aunt’s head for show.

Rachel: Yeah, it had been like 15 minutes that he was gone because they didn’t make it very far.

Amanda: It’s awesome.

Rachel: So Elizabeth fills them in on what she heard from Darcy without actually telling them what he said because they were really in support of Wickham. Seems like everybody was. And yeah, so she didn’t like tell the whole story, but like enough for them to be like “Oh wait, a diddly darn minute.” So Chapter 44 Darcy is bringing his sister over to meet Elizabeth, which I was like, yes, cute. We’d love to see it. And Elizabeth is nervous. It seems like she’s starting to question if she really likes Darcy at this point. And Miss Darcy is like, really shy and just as nervous as Elizabeth. And they make mention that like most people, think of Miss Darcy as like being kind of stuck up because she’s so nervous and she doesn’t really like to talk. But Elizabeth’s aunt and uncle are just kind of like, “Oh, she’s just shy.” You know, “she’s nervous,” which I thought shows a lot about their characters because they don’t frown upon her for being shy. They’re just like, “Oh, she must be shy,” like they don’t seem like they want to think bad of someone they don’t really know which I thought was nice.

Amanda: And also I wanna point out again how strange it is that he brought his sister to her. OK they were expecting a request to come too. She’s a high-breedlady. She’s the highest ranked female in this parish. You know the fact that the very first day they arrived, she showed up to meet Elizabeth is 100% out of. That’s not the way things should have been done at all. They should have gotten the invitation to come and wait on her. And the fact that Darcy brought them that quickly right away is something else that is setting up all sorts of warning bells for the aunt and uncle that says this dude is mad in love with our niece, Yeah, ’cause. Yeah, she that it shouldn’t have been like that in that time and age for Darcy to come to Elizabeth instead of Elizabeth coming to her, it was way out of the ranking.

Rachel: And now I’m just imagining her amping. Like so, why did that happen? Is this is like, oh, you know, casual, you know just a thing he likes to do, not specifically to me, but like don’t read too much into it.

Amanda: He’s always breaking protocol like that. Always!

Rachel: Literally though.So Elizabeth’s aunt and uncle can tell that Darcy is absolutely in love with Elizabeth. Elizabeth notices that.Wait, oh so I guess Bingley’s there now and Elizabeth notices that Bingley does not seem to have any feelings for Miss Darcy, which makes Elizabeth pretty happy because she’s like, “OK, there’s still a chance.”

Amanda: Yep.

Rachel: So Elizabeth is noticing that Darcy’s manners are drastically better and wonders wondering if it’s just Elizabeth that caused him to change his mind, or if it’s something else and I’m like it’s just you. It’s just you.So the Darcys invited Elizabeth and her family to join them for dinner and they immediately to immediately agree. And Elizabeth starting to decide how she feels about Darcy. She’s not really sure, but “I’m like you’re in love.”So I was just really appreciates that he seems to be willing to forgive that she looked down on him and she’s starting to think that he definitely still likes her.Her uncle also decides to go fishing at Darcy’s that morning, so they’re all starting to bond and have a good time.

Amanda: WooHoo!

Rachel: I know, I love it. So chapter 45. Elizabeth thinks that Miss Bingley is just like jealousy of, of Elizabeth started, originate in jealousy. And I was like that’s a fact. Yeah, and Elizabeth is back now for dinner at Pemberley with her aunt, and they are greeted by all the ladies and the boys are back from fishing yet. Miss Darcy is incredibly shy and I kind of felt bad because she’s she seems really nice, but she just doesn’t really talk at all during the dinner. Um, and they’re all eating, and the boys haven’t showed up yet, and Elizabeth is starting to wonder what’s taking them so long. Darcy walks in as soon as he does. Everybody in the party watches in this suspicion to see how he reacts to Elizabeth, which I thought was so funny ’cause everyones like instead of like just being like, oh, hey, Darcy, there like how’s he gonna to react?

Amanda: ’cause everybody knows that he’s in love with her and he knows it too. He’s not even trying to hide it anymore!

Rachel: I know and Elizabeth is like I am uncertain, unsure and I’m like it’s certain. It’s certainty. He loves you.

Amanda: I’m so glad we’re past that. Oh, I was gonna say I’m so glad we’re past that point where people could be honest with their feelings. But I guess we’re really not past that point. We just we should be past that point!

Rachel: I know, and now everyone still doesn’t want to say how they feel. So Miss Bingley is so incredibly jealous that she keeps trying to draw Elizabeth’s attention away. As if that’s going to help the situation, like what is that trying to prove? But it’s fine. So Miss Bingley tries to covertly ask about Wickham and Elizabeth response without any real emotion and glances at Darcy, which seems to make Darcy incredibly happy.

Amanda: Heck yeah it does.

Rachel: Like I don’t think she understood like Miss Bingley, Caroline, understands that this is completely backfiring on her.

Amanda: And the more she’s trying to make Elizabeth look bad, but the more she tries to make Elizabeth look bad, the more Darcy looks down on her from being disrespectful and stuff and being rude.

Rachel: True, like trying to have a better personality and it might help you in your favor.

Amanda: Not.

Rachel: So Miss Bingley tries to talk trash about- to Miss Darcy about Elizabeth and Miss Darcy’s not into it because she really likes Elizabeth, which makes me happy because at least Elizabeth gets a sister in law that she likes.

Amanda: And you know that he, I mean he had to have. I wish I could know how much he’s talked about her to his sister for her sister to be so worked up over seeing her already. I mean she know the whole story, does she know he’s already proposed or?

Rachel: I’m imagining she does ’cause I’m imagining they’re pretty close and then, I’m also thinking that like every time he sits down to read a book, he’s like, you know Elizabeth would like this book and Caroline’s like she’s like, “I bet she would” like. I’m imagining it’s something like that, where every time he does something he’s like Elizabeth would enjoy this.

Amanda: Probably.

Rachel: So Miss Bingley then goes on to talk about how ugly Elizabeth is. Darcy says that he thinks she’s beautiful and leaves the room. And I was like, yes, yes.

Amanda: It’s like a drop the mic sort of moment.

Rachel: And he’s like he’s not going to stand for it because Caroline is just so hateful. And he’s like I’m not interested in this conversation. I’m just going to leave.

Amanda: Peace out.

Rachel: When you say peace out, my head goes “A-town”.

Amanda, laughing: I know!

Rachel: So Chapter 46 Lydia went off to Scotland with Wickham and this is where everything hits the fan. So now apparently no one can find Lydia. They’re thinking that he has no intention of marrying Lydia and the Colonel thinks that he’s not to be trusted. So Jane wants to Jane wants Lydia to- oh, not Lydia, that I wrote that wrong. Jane wants Elizabeth to come home as soon as possible. Elizabeth freaks out and runs to find her uncle and then when she runs to the door at Darcy is standing there, I was like yes, I thought this was going to be proposal time two, to be honest. But I was like not the time, but also I’d love to see it. So Elizabeth burst into tears and Darcy is immediately worried and trying to see what he can do. And I’m just imagining he opens the door and she’s crying and he’s just like, “Uh… Hey?”

Amanda: See, he probably wants to hug her and help her and he feels like he can’t. Yeah…

Rachel: So Elizabeth tells Darcy what happened and he seems to feel really bad for her. He ends up going away after comforting her for a minute and in my head I was like, Oh, you know, I thought he was gonna say, Oh, I’ll go find him all like I said, but he doesn’t say any of that. You just does it behind her back, which I don’t know if I like that better. But I still like that he did it.

Amanda: Well, it’s again. I mean it’s. One of those, um. Totally breaking the ranks. That’s so improper for him to put himself in her family business, you know. So that’s why he can’t. He can’t tell anybody. I think if he could have managed to make her go home without letting the Gardners know then no one would have known that that Darcy was involved in it, but because he couldn’t. He had to have somebody to help him deal with them. Yeah, yeah, it’s so out of his place. He should not be there at all.

Rachel: True, so Elizabeth’s aunt and uncle come back and she told them what happened and now they all immediately like pack up their stuff and leave. So Chapter 47 everyone is trying to figure out why he wants to marry Lydia when she has absolutely no money, which is something I didn’t understand either like. ’cause he didn’t seem to think she was pretty. He didn’t really like her and she doesn’t have any money, so I don’t. I couldn’t figure out why he was trying to even marry Lydia in the first place like he wasn’t trying to marry her but trying to run away with her in the first place.

Amanda: ’cause he’s got nothing better to. They’re obviously doing it. I mean, there’s there’s no doubt about that, so he’s already taken her virginity, let’s just hope he’s the one that took it. So he’s got somebody who thinks the world of him. So it’s kind of like Lady Catherine. She wants people around her that tell her how awesome she is. He’s got someone around her around him that tells him how awesome he is. He can have sex there whenever he wants, so he doesn’t have to go out trolling for it. So, yeah, why not bring her along when he goes to run? But yeah, there is no way he was ever ever planning on marrying her.

Rachel: He’s such a dirtbag.

Amanda: Yeah he is.

Rachel: And I also hate Lydia’s so… But she is like I I have to say that she is a child so it’s not like. You know she’s still at that age. She could have had fun and you know, enjoyed balls and let men flirt with her. So I…

Amanda: Well. In this day and age, he’d be arrested for kidnapping.

Rachel: Yeah, true. She is literally a minor.

Amanda: She may have run away with him, but willingly, but in this day and age. They would be keep him in jail for kidnapping and rape, not being forced to marry her.

Rachel: ’cause it’s like. I know that at the age of like 16 you still. It’s not that you necessarily don’t understand the world, but more it’s I mean it more so like she was still trying to have fun and she was young and this guy convinces her, “hey, you know, if you run away with me, we’ll get married” and she’s like “Alright.”

Amanda: “Sounds like a plan to me.”

Rachel: Yeah, so this is the point where everyone is starting to realize that she they think Lydia might be living with him outside of marriage. Which means that there are doing the dirty.

Amanda: Yes ma’am.

Rachel: So Elizabeth’s back home and her dad is already in London looking for Lydia and I’m just trying to imagine what quote looking for Lydia is like. Are they going to everyone’s door and banging on it and be like open up? Let me see. Or like how?

Amanda: There’s that like the unseedy places going to bars and stuff or or Taverns but also they they send out cards. So you heard you heard the phrase send my card around?

Rachel: Uh, no.

Amanda: So in that day and age to like to let people know you were back in town ’cause you had a country house in a townhouse. So to let people know you were back in town, you literally sent out like a business card to all the neighboring houses of all of the society that you wanted to hang out with and let them know that you were in town or you’d get a card in return that says I’m so happy to see you. Let’s arrange lunch can you can you come to my house? This time they communicated via these little cards ’cause they don’t have cell phones or you know anything like that. So when they’re looking for Lydia, they’re probably sending their cards around to all of their contacts, and their contacts are sending their cards around and their contacts are sending their cards around looking for Lydia, but at the same time they can’t. Trying to keep it from as little public knowledge as well because it’s could ruin the entire family if it gets out that Lydia is living unmarried with, uh, you know, with a man, and. So yeah, they’re probably sending their cards around looking for somebody who could tell them where Lydia is.

Rachel: Yikes. So everyone is getting really nervous because there’s been absolutely no marriage announcement because they thought you know she’ll send one when it happens, but there hasn’t been one. And their mother is blaming the Colonel’s family that Lydia was staying with forever, letting Lydia out of their sight, but it’s not their fault, but like I think Miss Bennett just likes having someone to blame or Mrs.Bennett.

Amanda: Now it is partially their fault.

Rachel: Yeah, I mean. I feel like you also can’t control a girl has that much, you know, like you can’t have an eye on them constantly but…

Amanda: But that dating in that day and age you could.

Rachel: I also. I guess, you know to me…

Amanda: A good part of it. It’s Lydia’s mom’s fault. I mean, if this is Mrs. Bennett’s fault for letting her grow up to be that wild, but if they’d had proper, if they had proper eyes on her then it wouldn’t have happened.

Rachel: Like did they not have? Because, you know, I know I had to read Gone with the Wind. Not had to but I read Gone with the Wind and they always had to have a chaperone like they they didn’t. The girls don’t seem to ever have to have chaperones.

Amanda: No, and that’s part of the problem, because if you notice the upper-class ladies like Mrs. Darcy and the… Catherine’s daughter because, and they do always have chaperones. There, there any time they’re walking in the park or whatever, they have their companion with them, yeah, so, so that’s where that governess would have come into play. They would have always had chaperones. They would not have ever been by themselves.

Rachel: So I’m guessing that’s also why Lady Catherine look down on them because they these girls technically had no chaperone with them.

Amanda: I mean they they were run wild.

Rachel: Yeah.

Amanda: You don’t ever see Miss Bingley by yourself. Do you, Miss Bingley?

Rachel: That’s true.

Amanda: She had she had her married sister with her anywhere she went, and her brother. But like when it was just when they were like doing calls and stuff, she had the sister with her an as a married woman. She’s considered an appropriate chaperone.

Rachel: That’s- it’s wild to me. We’re like, “Oh yeah, that’s so bad that she didn’t have that.” And it’s like I can’t imagine having that with chaperone with me at all times.

Amanda: No, she should have.

Rachel: So Mrs. Bennett says that she’s going to make them marry and make sure that Mr. Bennett does not fight Wickham. So yeah, OK. In Lydia’s notes that she left the Colonel, she says that she’s in love with Wickham, and that they do not need to tell their family, because quote, “it’ll be funny when she signs her name Lydia Wickham” Unquote.

Amanda: She so stupid.

Rachel: I’m like, yeah, it’ll be quite funny having your entire family nervous and panicking for no reason.

Amanda: Yeah, she’s just so stupid.

Rachel: Yeah. Chapter 40 everyone in town hates Wickham now, and he’s in debt to everyone at like. I think no one wanted to talk about it when they first started when he first like started racking up debt. ’cause you know, a lot of families liked him and they’re like, “Oh, it’s just us.” But now it seems like everyone’s talking about it. Everyone’s realizing, oh, you all experienced the same thing.

Amanda: Yep.

Rachel: So their uncle has joined the father in London to look for Lydia, but they’re not having too much success currently. So Collins wrote a letter to Mr. Bennett that literally says the “death of your daughter would have been a blessing in comparison in comparison of this.”And I’m like,first of all, that’s terrible, terrible. Second of all, read the room.He also says that he’s thankful that he didn’t marry Elizabeth so that he has not caught up in this plus tells him to disown Lydia. And I’m like my ya business.

Amanda: I know he’s just so high and mighty.

Rachel: I know he’s horrendous, so Wickham left a lot of money and gambling debts in Brighton and they finally find him and the oh wait, no I haven’t found it so their father’s coming home while their uncle continues to search for Lydia. And Elizabeth also hasn’t gotten another letter from Pemberley, since she’s gotten home, and she’s like, oh, this is sad and like, it’s because she’s helping. He’s helping you like. Mr. Bennett says no officers to pass through their house ever again that he is learned to be cautious. He also says that Kitty will not be allowed to go to balls unless she’s with one of her sisters. ‘cause Kitty and Lydia are basically the same person.

Amanda: Yes.

Rachel: So chapter 49, the housekeeper just told Jane and Elizabeth that their father got an express letter from their uncle, so they ran to find out what it’s about. Their uncle found a Lydia and Wickham and they are not married and there is no intention of them ever doing so. But their uncle is making them. And they’re saying that Lydia will get 5000 pounds when her parents died plus 100 pounds per year, which is like what they basically what Wickham demands, right? Oh no.

Amanda: It’s £1000 for each girl 5000 total.

Rachel: Oh OK, I know, I know, that’s kind of a lot of money, but simultaneously also not that much. Right?

Amanda: No. Not that much.When you think about Darcy gets 10,000 a year and each girl will get 1000 one time.

Rachel: OK, yes it’s not that much, so they’re starting to suspect that their uncle helped pay off some of the debts, because apparently Wickham is not asking that much to marry Lydia, which I always thought that like men had to pay to marry the woman. But now it’s like he’s getting paid to married Lydia.

Amanda: No women, women have they have their dowries so so even though men would normally give something to the fathers, women are were coming with with tons and tons like Georgiana Darcy. When when she gets married she gets 10,000 pounds. OK, so so that’s why that’s why. What’s his face? Wanted to marry Georgiana was because on upon her marriage she inherits 10,000 pounds.

Rachel: Like a year or just one-time lump sum?

Amanda: I think it’s just a one-time lump sum, but because because she is still a Darcy, you know she still is, is able to draw support from from that community.

Rachel: True. So Mrs. Bennett is now incredibly happy because she has a major mood shift. And now that Lydia is getting married and can’t wait to see Wickham. I hate her.

Amanda: Yeah, she’s just whatever she is what she is.

Rachel: Yeah, it’s so annoying though. So Chapter 50 Mr. Bennett is still not too happy about this wedding and refuses to pay for the wedding clothes and Mrs Bennett is like uh what?

Amanda: All she cares about now is that Lydia looks pretty.

Rachel: I know it’s like you were just like swearing off your daughter 5 minutes ago, but whatever. So Elizabeth admits herself that Darcy proposed right now she would accept and I’m like yes, yes, so Wickham is quitting the militia and is going to go back into the army, which means that. They have to move North, which Mrs. Bennett is not very happy about, and Mr. Bennett is going to allow them to visit once they’ve been married, but only once they’ve been married, which I thought was like a big step for him. ’cause I know he didn’t really want to.

Amanda: But well, now that Lydia, he’s not the typical father, so a lot of Father couldn’t let Lydia back in the house. Just like Collins said. But now that now that she’s married, I think he he enjoys like making fun of them. Well, he can let them in the house just to keep his wife quiet. And yeah, and you know just to see what all the hubbub was about.

Rachel: True so Chapter 51. Lydia and Wickham’s wedding happened, which no one in the family went to. Is that strange that? Except the uncle and aunt. I guess it.

Amanda: It’s strange because if it were, if it were done properly. If she had gotten married in a traditional way, then it would have been very strange. But because of the fact that they had been living together in sin and they had run away, it’s not uncommon at all. They wouldn’t want the girls exposed to them until they were married.

Rachel: Ok. So Mr. Bennett is not too happy to be there while their mom is overjoyed and wishes them happiness. And then Mr. Bennett hardly even speaks when he greets them. Lydia brings up. This is it’s literally only been three months and she just went away, went away and now she’s married, which. Again, read the room ’cause no one’s happy about this and she’s like “I can’t believe I’m so lucky.”

Amanda: “I’m the first one married.” She s0 stupid.

Rachel: Elizabeth got so fed up with listening to Lydia that she walked out of the room, which I could relate to because I’ve definitely done that. Lydia is boasting about being married to anyone that will listen and she says that she’s sure her sisters envy her and I’m like no one envies you at all like you married a man that doesn’t even love you. Lydia is recounting her wedding day to Elizabeth, who really does not care, and she says that she’s mad she wasn’t able to go out to parties once her aunt and uncle had found her. Your face right now is my exact face when I read it.

Amanda: I just… I want the whole time I am reading this part and I am like say your peace and be done. Leave with your husband so that we don’t have to deal with you anymore.

Rachel: Yeah, so Darcy was at Lydia’s wedding and Darcy told them to keep it a secret. But Lydia spilled it anyways.

Amanda: Of course, of course.

Rachel: Yeah, Lydia cannot keep a secret. Elizabeth wrote a letter to her aunt to figure out what happened, and then we’re on to Chapter 52. So Elizabeth got a huge letter back from her aunt and she’s like yes, because you can’t. You had to spill everything in this letter because it’s so thick so her aunt tells her that. Darcy actually found Wickham first and told her aunt and uncle where they were, and then Wickham confessed Darcy that he didn’t plan on marrying Lydia because he wanted to find someone more well off than her. Because he is a trash bag. And then it sounded like Darcy gave him some money. And from the sounds of it, their uncle didn’t really contribute, even though he wanted to. Darcy took care of everything because he’s a hero. Uh, the aunt also says that she is absolutely super annoyed with Lydia and her aunt says that she really likes Darcy, and Elizabeth is regretting every mean thing she’s ever said to Darcy.

Amanda: So did you catch what else that the aunts didn’t. She didn’t say it outright, but she hinted too greatly?

Rachel: That she thinks… No, maybe not, but she thinks Elizabeth and Darcy like each other or?

Amanda: Well no, she says, I thought you already knew this. I thought you already knew this. I thought Darcy would have told you so this whole time. This is this whole time this is going on. They thought Elizabeth already knew.

Rachel: Oh, she thought like Elizabeth helped orchestrate this?

Amanda: Yeah they.They thought they assumed that ’cause what other reason would there be for this strange man to be all up in their families business? If not because of Elizabeth, so this whole time this was going on even though Darcy took pains not to mention Elizabeth’s name, they thought that that’s why.She’s like I was so shocked to get your letter we assumed you knew because because he did all this for Elizabeth.And so her aunt and uncle already assumed that that they knew that Elizabeth knew everything that was going on because he’s in love with her.

Rachel: I know I didn’t catch that part for some reason to be honest.

Amanda: But what chapter is it?

Rachel: It’s Chapter 52.

Amanda: Yeah, she says.I have just received your letter and shall devote this whole morning to answering it, as I foresee that a little writing will not compromise what I have to tell you, I must confess myself surprised by your application. I did not expect it from you. You do not think me angry, however, for I only mean to let you know. That I had not imagined such inquiries to be necessary from your side. If you choose to not understand me, forgive my impertinence. Your uncle is just as much surprised as I am for nothing but the belief for you being a part concerned would have allowed him to act as he has done. But if you are really innocent and ignorant I must be more explicit.” so they’re saying he did this because he’s in love with you. We all know that if you don’t know that, it’s time for you to get the picture open your eyes.

Rachel: I did not read it…

Amanda: -on the page. So I mean her aunt is basically telling her, face to face, or paper to paper this all happened because this man is in love with you and since you apparently don’t realize that it’s time to get with the program sweetheart.

Rachel: Oh my gosh I love her aunt and uncle so much. I did not realize that. That’s so funny. And then Wickham sits down by Elizabeth and he is still lowkey talking trash about the Darcy family. What a dirtbag! After he knows that they just helped him.

Amanda: It’s just whatever.

Rachel: It’s so trash! They just did everything for him and he’s like “Oh but they’re still the worst” and I’m like “uh no they’re not”.

Amanda: See, but in his mind he never would have had to marry Lydia if Darcy hadn’t just done what he wanted Darcy to do all that time ago. He thinks that Darcy should support him outright.

Rachel: Such a dirtbag. But yeah, that’s all we’re gonna cover for this episode. Thank you so much for joining me, Amanda. Where can all the people find you?

Amanda: Oh yes! So, you can find me at amandafaybooks.com. I am on Facebook at facebook.com/amandafayebooks. You can find my profile it’s author Amanda Faye. You can find me on Amazon, Amanda Faye books. My 10th book is released next week.

Rachel: I am so excited. Well, by the time this has been released it will have already been released.

Amanda: Well, my 10th book then has just been released.

Rachel: Ha, there you go. But thank you so much for joining me. I will catch you on the next episode, bye!

Amanda: Bye!

(Outro Music)

Rachel: I hope you all enjoyed this episode of the Barely Bookish podcast. It’s so much fun reading these and I am really just enjoying getting through Pride and Prejudice. If you all want to find me anywhere, I am @BarelyBookish on basically everything. I do have even a TikTok account and I’ve been talking a lot about From Blood and Ash recently so you can enjoy that. As I mentioned in the beginning if you want to join the Barely Book Club we are on Discord and you can find it by going to barelybookish.com/connect and it’s a lot of fun. My logo was designed by my wonderful little sister, Sarah. Our theme song is from freepd.com by Rafael Krux it’s called Video Game Block Buster. And that’s all I have for you. I will catch you in the next one. Bye!

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