Animer and Her Children

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Animer sighed as she strolled through her lands, pulling the tangles of her hair up into a loose bun on the top of her head. She felt almost as if she had to fight with it since she hadn’t brushed through her hair in weeks. It’s not like it mattered, she hasn’t seen people in at least half a century. Truly, she preferred her life of solitude, for the constant barrage of human attention had begun to annoy her, the mortals always thought that their problems were bigger than everyone else’s.

Animer stopped walking and took a deep breath, feeling the dirt between her toes and the energy of the world. ‘This is what the gods miss when they sit upon their thrones in the sky’ she thought quietly to herself, knowing that she would continuously prefer the life on land.

She took a minute to admire the beautiful spring morning that surrounded her as one of her creatures bounded up to her, tripping over its wings that grew faster than its body. Animer picked up the creature and pulled it into her arms, its long tail still touching the ground as its eyes met hers. The creature chirped happily and Animer kissed its head.

The humans called Animer’s creatures Dragons, though she never really liked that name for them, by now most humans assume Dragons are a myth, made up by the humans of old.

It had been centuries since her creatures roamed the wild. Her children had been hunted for their magic, and so, with their numbers depleted, Animer called them all home and put up the wards.

Animer released the small creature and it bounded back into the woods, trying desperately to fly between each leap, flapping its wings vigorously. Animer smiled before her body was wracked with pain. Animer hadn’t been worshiped in over a century and it was starting to take effect. She doubled over as her body shook with pain, flashing in and out of existence for a few minutes. When she finally regained control of herself and the pain subsided, she called out to her eldest child, Xelon.

Xelon rose out of the woods, disturbing all the birds in the trees. Once Xelon came to her, he lowered his face to hers and she stroked in between his eyes.

“Find those who are worthy, those who can see you and bring them to me,” Animer whispered. Xelon lowered his head in acknowledgment.

‘As you wish, Mother,’ Xelon’s voice echoed into her mind as he touched his head to hers. He slowly backed up and flew off into the sky.

It took four days, but finally, Xelon returned with three mortals, each of them looking awestruck.

“Hello, I am the goddess Animer, queen of dragons and protector of magic. You three have been chosen to spread my name throughout the world and, as a gift, you shall be linked to one of my dragons. They will go where you go and as you protect them, they will protect you.”

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Photo by Rebecca Prest on Unsplash

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