Artrya and Fleur

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For as long as anyone could remember, the king and queen ruled over their kingdom side-by-side, sewing their magic into the land and keeping their people safe. After years of relative peace with the neighboring lands, war broke out and threw the realm into utter chaos. Many of the townsfolk lost their lives and the realm fell into despair.

Exhausting all other options, the king and queen combined all their power and gave themselves up for their kingdom. The sheer force of their power and their sacrifice intrigued the gods, and out of their power, they manifested two deities. The first was Fleur, who held the hope and faith of the land. The second was Artrya, who held all the suffering and pain.

Together, the sisters vanquished their enemies, pushing back the ones they didn’t destroy into their original lands.

When the war ended, Fleur wanted her and her sister to rule in their parent’s place, but Artrya knew that she was not fit to rule. Instead, she left the peace that her sister gave to the kingdom and set out into the world on her own, knowing that if she goes back, it will mean the destruction of her sister and her home.

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Photo by Alex Mihai on Unsplash

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