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Obviously, this is my opinion, but I wanted to shout out some of the book bloggers I love. There are some truly fantastic bloggers out there and if you all haven’t checked them out yet, I highly recommend them.

Lovely Audiobooks

I’m sure if you’re a book blogger, you’ve already heard of Lovely Audiobooks but I absolutely love Eline. Not only do they have great posts for new bloggers, but they also post so much great bookish content outside of book reviews. I feel like every time I go to their site, there is something new and interesting that I want to read about.

This is what they say about their own site:

Lovely Audiobooks is my place to tell you about all the audiobooks I liked and some that I didn’t like. I share the little tips and tricks to find deals and save money, so you can binge on cheap or even free Audible audiobooks. And I hope my book lists will help you get the most out of your unlimited audiobook subscription!

Lovely Audiobooks

So, if that’s something you’re interested in, check them out by clicking here.

Phoenix Moon Reviews

Truthfully, I think this may have been the first book blogger I ever followed. Their reviews are the perfect length and honestly tell me everything I need to know. I also really like that they break it up by writing and their full evaluation because sometimes you can like the theme to a book but absolutely hate the writing. I also noticed that they review books I haven’t even heard of, which is great because I can find something new to read (possibly not great for my wallet, but whatever).

If you want to check out their reviews, you can view their blog by clicking here.

Renee’s Bookcase

Renee was actually the blogger that recently opened my eyes that Amazon Prime members get a free Kindle book every month. If you are as shocked by that statement as I was, check out their deals on book tab by clicking here. They also have all their book reviews broken up by genre so it’s easier to find something new to love!

This obviously isn’t a full list of the best book bloggers but I would love to hear everyone else’s favorites. Send me some book bloggers I should check out by commenting them below.

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