Book Review: Gravemaidens

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Disclosure: I got Gravemaidens as an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

Is it bad I have started to grow wary of fantasy ARCs? So many promise a great adventure, but instead I am left with almost unreadable books with not entirely interesting storylines. Yet, I gave this a chance and boy was I glad I did! While this is a YA book, it gave me such a fantasy vibe I loved it. I’m going to go ahead and say spoiler: I gave it a 5/5. So, without further hesitation, here’s my review of Gravemaidens!


In the walled city-state of Alu, Kammani wants nothing more than to become the accomplished healer her father used to be before her family was cast out of their privileged life in shame.

When Alu’s ruler falls deathly ill, Kammani’s beautiful little sister, Nanaea, is chosen as one of three sacred maidens to join him in the afterlife. It’s an honor. A tradition. And Nanaea believes it is her chance to live an even grander life than the one that was stolen from her.

But Kammani sees the selection for what it really is—a death sentence.

Desperate to save her sister, Kammani schemes her way into the palace to heal the ruler. There she discovers more danger lurking in the sand-stone corridors than she could have ever imagined and that her own life—and heart—are at stake. But Kammani will stop at nothing to dig up the palace’s buried secrets even if it means sacrificing everything…including herself.

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My Review

Gravemaidens did a fantastic job of making a fantasy world that was not hard to comprehend. While there were fantasy lands and different names for rulers and such, I didn’t feel as though I had to take notes with definitions to reference while reading.

I am someone who likes flawed main characters. Maybe that’s why I love Kammani? Either way, she’s a strong, independent woman and I love her. I understand that carrying the feeling of needing to take care of everyone by yourself is kind of a toxic trait to have. But, as an older sister myself, I completely understand it. We, as humans, are not without our faults and I feel as though main characters should be a reflection of this.

Obviously, as this book has not even come out yet, I will not be including any spoilers or discussion about the plot points but I really enjoyed this book. It was the perfect book to read while I was studying because it distracted me from my homework problems. While I will say, there are some stressful situations in this book, I didn’t get super stressed while reading it.

I hope you all enjoyed my review of Gravemaidens and I can’t wait to hear what you all think of this book. If you want to preorder it yourself, get it on Amazon by clicking here. Also, have a book you want me to check out? Comment below! I am always adding to my TBR pile!

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