Book Review: Grin Grim

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Apparently, posting writing prompts on Facebook really pays off! One of the people who follow me on Facebook actually mentioned to me that they wrote a book that might be right up my alley. So, here’s my review of Grin Grim by Sophie Bellabone!


Do ghosts in your house need therapy? Is there something dusty and disturbing about how many people just leave your workplace without a goodbye? Maybe you own some antiques wishing to never know where all the character came from? Perhaps you enjoy making fast friends in the strangest of times, or you love being invited to weddings that may seem just too perfect?

In that case, pick up this nifty collection and take a plunge into the small worlds of horror and comedy to catch up on the creative creeps. These are the short stories that quench any thirst for a happy grin…until things turn grim.

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My Review

These short stories are completely original. I personally felt surprised by every plot twist that was thrown in. I have never been one to enjoy horror because I feel like it can be a bit predictable (and I don’t really enjoy being scared) but I didn’t feel that way while reading this.

The way the short stories are structured, you start off okay and work your way to scary. I think that this structure is fantastic. As a whole, it only takes you about two hours to read. But, having short stories that I could read when I had time was great for me. These stories were great bite-sized bits of spookiness that I needed to last through the summer while dreaming of Halloween.

I highly recommend these short stories. Whether, you’re looking for something to pull you out of a reading slump or you what to dip your toes into the horror-filled water, check this out.

You can get Grin Grim on Amazon by clicking here. Also, if you want to stay up-to-date with Sophie Bellabone you can follow her on Instagram at @sophiebellabone, A little birdy told me she might have another book out soon, so stay tuned for that!

I would like to mention that while Sophie did tell me that they have a book out, all opinions on this book are my honest review. I pride myself on giving my own opinions. So, with that said, I hope you all enjoyed my review of Grin Grim! If you want to see more book reviews, please click here.

Happy reading!

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