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Back at the end of March, my boyfriend took me to a bookstore on a shopping spree to get whatever books I wanted. Can we talk about what a hero he is? Anyway, I found a ton of books I wanted and we found out they were half the retail price. How awesome is that? So, here’s another book haul blog post!

My Books

If you can’t tell, I walked out of there with a lot of books. So, here’s the full list and if you click I provided a link to them on Amazon.

Just so you know, Destroyer of Worlds is the third book. Unfortunately, the store didn’t have the first two so I had to get those on Amazon. I think those books are what I’m going to read next after I finish up all my ARC books.

Do you all have any local bookstores? I always prefer to shop at local bookstores because they tend to have lesser known books that are really good. I also really enjoy shopping at second-hand bookstores since you can get a lot more books for a lot less.

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Want to check out more bookish content? Click here. I’ve got one other book haul blog post out and, at the time of reading this, I’ll have two book reviews out. Happy reading!

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