Don’t Make Deals for Dates

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Disclaimer: If you’ve lost your significant other recently, perhaps read a different story. I just want to put this out there just because that is the main focus of this story. You can read another story by clicking here.

I sold my soul. I did it for the same reason most people do, I did it for love.

My boyfriend died a car accident, a drunk driver was driving the wrong way going 120 on the highway with no headlights on. I was told that by the time my boyfriend would’ve seen the other car, it would be too late. He was hit head-on and was killed instantly.

I tried to move on and put it past me. I tried so hard. I sought out therapy, support groups, so many different things just trying to put the past in the past. Nothing worked and every day I missed him more and more.

Eventually, I told the devil himself I would do anything to see my love live again.

“Anything?” A voice came from the darkness.

“Anything.” I confirmed, tears streaking down my face.

“Then it is done.” The voice echoed around my small apartment. The air grew thick and before my eyes, my love appeared again. I got up, running into his arms as he outstretched them to me, the voice came back, and everything went dark.

“And you will take his place in the Underworld.”

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