Fourth Wing: Complete Guide to Dragons, Characters, Signets, & More

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Have you been binging Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros but you’re starting to realize you’re forgetting who everyone is, what they can do, and who their Dragons are? Well, I can help!

This is a popular series with a whole lot of characters. I probably checked my notes while reading this book a dozen times.

Note: this post contains A LOT of spoilers. If you don’t want spoilers, stop reading now.

The goal of this post is for people who have finished Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros and are starting Iron Flame. Or, if you don’t mind spoilers, go off. I will also work on creating another post that contains spoilers for Iron Flame which I will link to at a later date in preparation for book three.

Summary of Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros

Twenty-year-old Violet Sorrengail is forced into the Rider’s Quadrant by her mother instead of the quiet life among books she envisioned as a scribe. Now, she must attend an elite war college for dragon riders known as Basgiath War College. Immediately, she runs into Xaden Riorson who is the son of a rebel her mother had a hand in killing.

Violet must fight to live, even when her chances of success seem minimal and terrible secrets seem to be hiding around every corner.

This is a lovely adult fantasy romance book you will devour if you are anything like me. I really feel like this fantasy series lived up to the hype. Also, you’re definitely getting a new book boyfriend out of the mix.

Places of Importance

We talk about a lot of places in this book, but I tried to only focus on the important ones or places that matter.


Navarre is the kingdom in which this book takes place. It is also home to Basgiath War College.


This is the southernmost province within the Navarrian kingdom and is where most of the rebels came from. It used to be its own independent kingdom and when they tried to become independent again during the rebellion, they were unsuccessful.


The kingdom that Navarre has been at war with. This is the kingdom of Gryphon riders.

What is a Relic?

So far, there have been two types of relics we have seen, the rebellion relic and the relic you receive from your dragon.

Rebellion Relic

All of the separatist kids have a mark that starts around their wrists, essentially showing that their parents were rebels. It is said that General Melgren’s dragon put this relic on every child when their parents were executed.

Relic from your Dragon

When you bond with a dragon, you get a relic from them that lets you channel their magic. Each relic is unique.


Currently, we are working with very short descriptions of these dragons, mostly caught from Violet monologing to herself. 

Blue Dragons

Known to be ruthless and large.

Red Dragons

Hot-headed and quick-tempered.

Black Dragons

Known to be smart and are planners. They are also very rare.

Orange Dragons



Considered to be reasonable.

Important Characters, Their Dragons, Their Signets, and Their Relationships

For this, I didn’t focus on every character, I was more concerned with highlighting the important, recurring character. But, if you want a more in-depth version please let me know! Also, some spots are blank because I couldn’t find anywhere where they were mentioned. Of course, this will be filled out even more when we get to Iron Flame.

Violet SorrengailTarin/Tairneanach (Black Morningstar) Andarna/Andarnaurram (Golden Feathertail)Lightning wielderIn a situation-ship with Xaden. Childhood best friend of Dain.
Xaden RiorsonSgaeyl (Blue Daggertail)ShadowsIn a situation-ship with Violet.
Liam’s foster brother.
Mira SorrengailTeine (Green)Ability to extend the protective wardsViolet’s sister
Lilith SorrengailAimsir (Brown)StormsMother of Violet, Mira, and Brennan
Dain AetosCath (Red Swordtail)Ability to read a person’s recent memories by putting his hands on a personViolet’s childhood best friend
Rhiannon MatthiasFeirge (Green Daggertail)Ability to have items disappear and reappear in her handViolent’s best friend.
In a relationship with Tara.
Jack BarloweBaide (Orange Scorpiontail)  
General MelgrenCodagh (Black Swordtail)Ability to see a battle’s outcome before it happens 
SawyerSliseag (Red Swordtail)Metallurgist 
RidocAotrom (Brown Swordtail)Ice powers 
Imogen Wipe recent memories 
Bodhi  Xaden’s cousin
Liam MairiDeigh (Red Daggertail)FarsightXaden’s foster brother

I hope you all enjoy reading this series with our favorite baby dragon and also our favorite grumpy dad dragon. We all also think that Tarin should sound like Roy Kent, right?

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