Handwriting vs. Typing

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Will this be the post to end the debate on handwriting vs. typing? Probably not. But, I did want to throw my opinion out there in the hopes that maybe it helps someone who feels like they’re stuck.

I honestly prefer handwriting. My hard part with writing on the computer is that I get incredibly distracted. I go from writing to suddenly scrolling through Twitter for thirty minutes, then shopping on Amazon. Next thing I know I have to go out. I’m so bad about staying focused while on my computer which is probably the reason why it takes me so long to get a post out.

I have really tried to be better with typing by setting up the focus assist on my notifications bar but I am so bad with it. I just constantly get distracted.

With handwriting, I still have to put my phone on silent and have it on the other side of the room. For me, handwriting my stories allow me to be a bit more creative. When I get stuck, I have to sit and think of a way to get through it instead of scroll through Instagram. This has been so helpful to me writing more short stories and honestly working on my WIP as a whole.

I’ll be honest, I have no data to support handwriting, just personal experience. I get way too distracted to be typing all my stories while I’m drafting. Plus, I love having my rough draft and editing while I am typing because watching the word count go up all at once is incredibly rewarding.

So, if you feel like you’re struggling to stay focus, maybe try handwriting your story. I really hope you all are able to find a way that helps you focus and get your story out. I think honestly when it comes to handwriting vs. typing, it really depends on what keeps you from getting distracted.

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  1. Great blog! I grew up before the time of computer, so I am used to handwriting as well. I suppose we all have to adapt to the always-changing times, so it’s easier to get typing. However, I have a little notepad that I keep in my bag for when inspiration strikes, so all of my notes and ideas for a story I’m currently planning are 100% written by hand. 🙂

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