Hello, Philip

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Today was an interesting day. 

It started out relatively normal. I got up and walked to the bus, ready to start my morning commute as per usual.

Like every other day, I got a knock on my door as I put on my shoes. Philip was waiting outside, ready to walk with me to the bus. I met Philip a couple of years ago actually at the bus stop, which is rather strange because the bus stop is usually just me since I live in a relatively small town and I’m not going into the very big city. Instead, I go a couple of towns over into a suburb of downtown, since it’s not super populated and they do not have a lot of businesses, most people don’t come to my stop. It’s also rather early, about six or seven in the morning, and since most people work nine to five and the outskirts of downtown is no more than thirty minutes on the bus, the streets are pretty deserted.

As we left my house, we made casual small talk. The birds were chirping happily as they awoke from their slumber, and it was an overall nice morning. The air was cool, the promise of the coming winter whispered its way on the wind. I pulled my sweater tighter around myself, the mornings were always so cold here.

As we waited for the bus we sat on a rickety wooden bench, picking up a conversation about… concerts, I think? Honestly, I don’t remember.

But what separated today from any other before was the fact that Philip got on the bus with me. Usually, he takes the bus after mine, instead of heading to the big city. Still, when he sat down, we continued to chat about his plans for the day.

But, you might ask, what made today interesting?

Today, the sophisticated lady perched in the seat across from me watched me with a strange expression– not unusual, but still odd.

Today, as we neared the next city, Philip, still rambling about his plans, started to fade and become more transparent, the view outside the window becoming evident through his torso.

Today, I watched my good friend become so transparent that he vanished.

Today was an interesting day.

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Photo by Susan on Unsplash

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  1. Very interesting and makes my coffee sipping more enjoyable. But. Would you ask Philip to stay on the bench if you could ? So many ways to interpret that. Great story!

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