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Ice Planet Barbarians Reading Order

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Ruby Dixon’s Ice Planet Barbarians series is a spicy book series about twelve human women ending up on an ice planet after their kidnapper’s ship crashes. They then meet a tribe of blue aliens that are mostly a male tribe and their numbers are quickly dwindling as there are not many unmated females left.

The native inhabitants of this alien planet are creatures that can easily kill you, yet, the blue aliens have adapted over time and now call it home. Unfortunately, the human women may find it a bit more difficult to survive on this strange planet, with how cold it is as well as the language barriers.

In this series, the males put their women first and value them and their happiness above all else. This is also a hunter and gathers society but it is still set in the modern day.

In each of the books in the Ice Planet Barbarian series, we mainly focus on discovering different alien mates, how the couple fell in love, and the different struggles that are thrown in their path.

Book Order

The series does have a storyline, so it should be read in order as the story in the previous book does matter. However, when I originally read this series, I did not read any of the novella or honeymoon books. So while I will include that in the list, you can choose for yourself whether you would like to read those or not. Honestly, it really just depends on your preference.

I also listed all the books, but it’s mainly through Barbarian’s Heart that is the main series, and then the spin-off series follows that. All of these books are currently available on Kindle Unlimited (or their kindle price is about $3.99 to buy), so if you’ve been considering whether to take advantage of a deal for it, these alien romance books will be worth it!

If you like to know the tropes, I will let you know that this book series has fated mates and a whole lot of alien babies, which I think is important to know if you enjoy those types of things.

  1. Ice Planet Barbarians
    • Ice Planet Honeymoon: Vektal and Georgie
  2. Barbarian Alien
    • Ice Planet Honeymoon: Raahosh & Liz
  3. Barbarian Lover
    • Ice Planet Honeymoon: Aehako & Kira
  4. Barbarian Mine
    • Ice Planet Honeymoon: Rukh & Harlow
    • Ice Planet Holiday
  5. Barbarian’s Prize
  6. Barbarian’s Mate
    • Having the Barbarian’s Baby
    • Ice Ice Babies
  7. Barbarian’s Touch
    • Calm
  8. Barbarian’s Taming
    • Aftershocks
  9. Barbarian’s Heart
  10. Barbarian’s Hope
  11. Barbarian’s Choice
  12. Barbarian’s Redemption
  13. Barbarian’s Lady
  14. Barbarian’s Rescue
  15. Barbarian’s Tease
    • The Barbarian Before Christmas
  16. Barbarian’s Beloved
    • A Gift for Drenol
    • Barbarian’s Valentine
  17. Barbarian’s Seduction
  18. Barbarian’s Treasure
  19. Barbarian’s Bride

Additionally, there are some gorgeous special edition covers that you can get on Amazon as well if you want to paperback versions of these awesome stories. The special editions also have some bonus materials, so if you’re wanting a little more of your favorite couple, maybe check out that special edition as well!

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