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Hi writers, readers, and fellow book bloggers! It’s the first day of March and while I usually don’t make my birthday month a big deal, I am turning the big 2-1 on the 23rd! With that in mind. I wanted to do something different specifically for my Instagram followers, so I create an Instagram Photo-a-Day Challenge for all of March! If you like it, you can right-click on the image and save it, it is perfectly sized to fit on Instagram stories.

I think photo challenges are a good way to increase your engagement with your audience. Personally, I know I don’t post often enough so that is something I really want to work on. Hopefully, this challenge will be helpful to all of you that feel like you’re in the same boat.

Not March anymore when you’re visiting this page or maybe your March is a little too busy? Not to worry! I created this one that doesn’t say March and also is 30 days instead.

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Happy writing everybody!

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