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Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice

Interview with the Vampire is the first book in the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice. In this book, we have our main character, Louis de Pointe du Lac, as well as Lestat and Claudia. Without too many spoilers, the book starts off with Louis on a plantation and Lestat turns him into a vampire in order to hopefully gain control of his wealth and property.

After a while, Louis and Lestat travel to New Orleans, where they live for many years, and eventually add Claudia into the mix. After more time passes, Louis and Claudia head to Europe to find a society of vampires to figure out what it means to be a vampire and have immortal life.

Listen to the in-depth discussion on the Barely Bookish podcast

Candace the Magnificient and I discuss Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire in heavy detail, so make sure to give it a listen as you go through this book!

Film Adaptation

The original Interview with the vampire movie came out in 1994. When most people think of this series, they lean towards thinking of this movie, and for good reason. There’s an amazing cast list and the movie is just quite good.

Cast List

  • Brad Pitt – Louis de Pointe du Lac
  • Tom Cruise – Lestat
  • Kirsten Dunst – Claudia
  • Antonio Banderas – Armand

Television Series

There is now a Television adaptation of Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire that came out in 2022. This is an AMC Series, so you can watch it either on AMC or on AMC+.

Cast List

  • Jacob Anderson – Louis de Pointe du Lac
  • Sam Reid – Lestat de Lioncourt
  • Eric Bogosian – Daniel Molloy
  • Assad Zaman – Rashid
  • Bailey Bass – Claudia
  • Kalyne Coleman – Grace de Pointe du Lac

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