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Is Kindle Unlimited Worth it?

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If you are an avid reader, the idea of unlimited books for a set subscription price definitely sounds appealing. But, I am here to answer, is this platform worth it for the average reader? 

What is Kindle Unlimited?

Kindle Unlimited is unlimited access to the Kindle Unlimited library of books. So, for a set monthly subscription fee, you can check out as many books as you would like. There are a variety of genres and thousands of books available on Kindle Unlimited, so there always something to read.

Incase you have never heard of Kindle (and if you have, skip ahead), Kindle is the ebook platform of Amazon. So, when you buy an ebook off of Amazon, that book will be downloaded onto the Kindle reading app or onto your Kindle eReader..

What is Included on Kindle Unlimited?

Kindle Unlimited is a platform authors have to give their exclusive ebook access to. So, for most big name publishers such as Penguin Random House, or Popular Authors who have multiple book deals in the works, Kindle Unlimited is not worth it. It limits the access to author’s ebooks to specifically Amazon only.

However, for self-published authors, Kindle Unlimited is a great option since it gives readers a chance to try out books without taking the risk from an unknown author. This results in a lot of self-published books being on Kindle Unlimited.

Another thing to note is that Kindle Unlimited is a lending library, so when you end your subscription, you lose access to the library of ebooks that you have accumulated.

How Do You Get Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited is a monthly price you can get on the Amazon website by clicking here. If you are still uncertain if you’ll enjoy this, you can always try out the 30-day trial period and see what you think for yourself.

Is Prime Reading a Better Than Kindle Unlimited?

Prime Reading has a more mainstream books and it’s already included in your Prime subscription, which includes other things such as Prime Music, there movie and TV streaming service, and the beloved 2-day shipping.

However, the online library of books is incredibly small. If you already have a Prime subscription and you’re just looking for something to supplement your library card, this is a great option to check out. This is especially great if you prefer physical books over all else, as this is just a service that you probably already have access to. This platform also tends to work with well-known authors to do small Prime vellas for readers, which can be fun.

Kindle Unlimited Book Recommendations

Personally, I have been really enjoying The Plated Prisoner series by Raven Kennedy, which is a King Midas retelling and fae elements. I was also enjoying Zodiac Academy by Caroline Pickham and Susanne Valenti, and if you’re on BookTok at all, then you already know what a wild ride that series is. If you’re not on BookTok but you like dark fantasy romance novels, then you’ll probably be interested.

Final Thoughts: Is Kindle Unlimited Worth it?

Ultimately, if you are looking popular books or immediate releases, you’re probably not going to enjoy this platform. But, if you’re a book lover who enjoys finding new independent authors, you’ll enjoy the unlimited reading options that Kindle Unlimited offers.

This is perfect if your reading habits include reading at lease two books a month, as it will cover the cost of outright purchasing these books. You will likely find a lot of indie authors who can become your new favorite authors in no time.

Personally, I very much enjoy having Kindle Unlimited, but I have separate book subscription services to find more books on since I don’t have all the book series I want to read on it. Usually, I supplement this with Scribd and the local library, then if neither of those have it, I just buy the book out right.

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