My Dearest Cousin

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The night felt as if there was a complete absence of light. All the stars seemed to be hiding behind the clouds and there were no street lights in sight to guide my way. All I had to rely on were my eyes, which, after adjusting to the darkness, wasn’t too bad. The air was harsh and cold, making it hard to breathe. I lowered my head and shoved my gloved hands in my pockets as I rushed around the building.

A figure stepped out of the shadows from the building to my right. “Hello, cousin,” he whispered, his voice hoarse from disuse.

“Leave me alone, Tyler,” I whispered back, barely audible as I walked on. Tyler hovered close by, only a few steps behind me as I walked on.

“But cousin… I miss you…” Tyler’s voice cracked, sounding dry as if he hadn’t had water in years.

“Tyler, you’re dead. You’ve been dead for six years. Stop following me.” At this point, I was walking so fast I was almost running.

“But cousin, they’re coming for you next.”

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Co-edited by Sarah  
Photo by Gabriel on Unsplash

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