Read a New Book Month: Harry Potter

December is officially National Read a New Book Month, and while I’ve been reading plenty of new to me books, I wanted to talk about a couple in particular. Well, I officially started reading the Harry Potter series after wanting to read it for a while. So, I thought I would take some time today to talk about that.

Why Did I Start Reading Harry Potter?

Well, I’ve been absolutely obsessed with the movies since I was a kid. I would watch all of them and I was completely obsessed with the wizarding world as a whole. But, I had a dirty little secret, I never read the books.

I started listening to the Potterless Podcast, which made me want to read the books more than ever. Also, if you haven’t listened to that podcast yet, I highly recommend it. Check out my review here.

So, after bingeing the Potterless Podcast, I set out my journey to actually read the books. As of right now, I am about to start book 4 but I am really hoping I can get the audiobook for it.

Thoughts on Harry Potter

The one thing I will say it that it’s a really good read so far. Also, the Jim Dale audiobooks are fantastic. I am starting to notice all the things that weren’t included in the movies, and I’ve heard that the later books become painfully obvious how many things the movie omits. Overall, though, I am super excited to keep on going with my Harry Potter journey.

Another series I haven’t read yet: Percy Jackson. I might go ahead and read that after I finish all the Harry Potter books.

What book series is an absolute must-read? Comment below so I can add to my ever-growing TBR!

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