Short Books to Finish Your Goodreads Challenge

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Can you believe it’s almost the end of December already? Truly, I can’t. This year kind of blew by for me, I graduated from college, I got into an MBA program, and I got my big girl job. I am pretty excited to see what big things I’ll have to report back about next year. But, the end of December also means that we’re ending our Goodreads Challenge! So, I grabbed some books from my bookshelf and combined a list of short books that’ll help you complete your Goodreads Challenge.

I read The Garden of Eden by Ernest Hemingway while I was on vacation a few years ago and it was a great read. It’s super short, too which makes it perfect for finishing up your Goodreads Challenge.

I have not been able to read Anne McCaffrey’s books yet, but I am truly so excited to read them. My dad actually read these books as a kid and was the one who recommended them to me.

They’re really short, too which is why I picked them. But I am sure they’re going to be an interesting read.

Does anyone else feel like every John Green book is kind of short? Well, obviously I do which is why I included them.

I absolutely loved these novels when I read them! The Maze Runner series is a super quick read while still being super captivating. Honestly, my boyfriend loved these books when he read them, so when we started dating I obviously read them. I am so glad I did!

Honesty hour, I still haven’t read Percy Jackson, but it’s on my list! I feel like I need about 8 more hours in a day. But, they seem rather small and easily devourable so I added them to the list.

I hope you all find a book to pick up and remember to check out your local library this holiday season! I know we’re all trying to save money while we buy gifts for our loved ones and you’ll be surprised by the number of books they actually have in stock.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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