Short Scene Writing Prompt

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I could hear my heartbeat in my ears. It drummed loudly, telling me this was bad, this was wrong.

Just by him looking at me my skin crawled. Every part of wanted to get up and run out of the bar. He felt evil if pure evil could be felt that is.

Yet, as calmly as I could I cashed out and made my way to the door. His eyes had moved off me now, but my fear floated around me, ready to swarm me again. I wasn’t even looking at him but I could tell the second he looked over at me. The room felt colder, darkened as if by his presence.

What is he?

I hope you all liked this super short writing scene. Maybe to use as horror or supernatural writing prompt? Either way, I hope you all have fun with this (and don’t ever experience that in real life). If you all are looking for more short scenes and writing prompts, click here.

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