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There was once a pair of sisters who were very far from home. They took a journey to see the world they lived in but had never seen.

Late one afternoon, they wanted to make their way back to the village they were staying in when they came to a fork in the road.

“I think it’s the right.” Says the older of the two, peering into her pathway.

“I thought it was the left.” Says the younger. Both looked into their paths and glanced at the other, unsure.

“Well, we should be close to town. Why don’t we each take a way and whoever doesn’t make it back comes back here and chooses the other path?” The older of the two offers.

So they agreed and set out on their paths.

The younger of the two made it into town in half an hour. Excited to be right, she sat at the opening of the forest, waiting for her sister to arrive.

As the sun started to fade, the younger sister grew nervous. She ventured into town and gathered some of the locals to help her search. But it was to no avail. There was no footprints, nothing to signal that she was there at all.

Worse of all, when you ask the people in town about this night, they say that they never saw the older sister in town. The younger sister was always by herself.

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