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The Cruel Prince Series in Order

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Let’s be honest, The Cruel Prince by Holly Black is wildly popular on BookTok and you keep seeing Jude Duarte and Prince Cardan Greenbriar fan art and you’re wondering what’s going on. No worries, I am here to help.

This Holly Black’s Elfhame series has everything, royal faerie intrigue, magic, and romance, truly what more could you want? This is more of a contemporary fantasy novel, so you won’t be getting bogged down by a lot of high fantasy writing if that’s not really your thing.

Elfhame: The Folk of the Air Book One Summary

At seven years old, Jude Duarte’s parents were brutally killed, and it was then that she along with her two sisters were abducted to serve in the severe High Court of Faerie. Ten years later, Jude yearns to identify with them even though she is mortal. Unfortunately, many of the fairies despise humans; especially Prince Cardan Greenbriar, the youngest but the most brutal son of the High King. For Jude to find a place in this court, she must challenge and take responsibility for his actions resulting from that. As she gets embroiled in royal schemes and deceptions while unearthing her own power for bloodshed, civil war begins to worsen by consuming the courts of Faerie with violence. Therefore Jude has no choice but to endanger herself by forming an unstable alliance in order to protect herself, her sisters, and Faerie.

The Cruel Prince Series in Order

Realistically, you can skip the novellas if you want to, but I am personally a big fan of reading the novellas, so I have included them. You can also totally go back and read them afterward if you just want to binge through them.

  1. The Cruel Prince
  2. The Lost Sisters (Novella)
  3. The Wicked King 
  4. The Queen of Nothing
  5. How the King of Elfhame Learned to Hate Stories (Novella)

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