Printable Character Sheet for Writers

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I love character creation. It’s like going on a first date with someone where you can ask deeply personal questions without them suddenly having to “go to the bathroom” only never to be seen again.

No matter how much I love it though, I still struggle to get to know all my fictional characters, especially if they are not one of my central characters. Sometimes, I start writing and don’t know any of my characters at all. After the first chapter, I’ll jot down some things I know about them and carry on.

However, this tactic has made editing a hassle for me, since I have a bunch of random character reference sheets with no organization going. Not to mention if I left the story for a while, I’ll come back to it and start writing, thinking my character is 5’10 with brown hair and green eyes, while in reality, she’s a 5’1 blonde with brown eyes.

I also included a story title section on this printable because of writers who might be working on multiple stories. I’ve done it and while my stories were polar opposites, I would still sometimes get confused while writing. A lot of times, before I picked up my spot writing again, I would look at my notes about my characters, reread the last new pages and then start again.

I created this printable worksheet so you no longer have to fight the urge to scream when you realize you completely wrote the wrong personality traits for your character. Currently, it’s sized for a full sheet of paper, but you can just resize it for whatever size you need!

I also made this sheet incredibly basic with only a brush of character descriptions that sometimes get lost while writing, including eye color, family relationships, goals, and fears. This is an approach to character creation that I prefer since it can be a little intimidating for me if I have too many options at the beginning.

Happy writing!

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