Barely Bookish Podcast

Barely Bookish is a book podcast where Rachel, a lifelong reader, reads through classic literature and modern classics to see if they hold up to modern readers. In this, Rachel and a special guest take deep dives into the novels you know and love, making it perfect for people who have read these books in school or those who have never read them before.

The goal of this literary podcast is to make these popular books easily accessible for everyday book lovers who may not want to read all of the classics, but still want to learn about them. That being said, it is still enjoyable for die-hard literature fans to fall back into their favorite books in this casual book chat.

Barely Bookish is a weekly podcast, new book discussion episodes come out every Wednesday.

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Join us every week for a new book review as I am joined by your favorite fellow book worms to discuss all these amazing classics that we’ve been told are must-reads. 

Listen by the Book

If you want to jump around and check out the books on your reading list first, enjoy checking out all the previous episodes on the Barely Bookish podcast. Some of these books we’ve even covered the television series adaptations of, one of my personal favorites being the Interview with the Vampire adaptation.