Emma by Jane Austen

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Emma by Jane Austen is full of matchmaking and drama! This story is simply so fun and there are so many marriage proposals, indirect discourse, and secrets.

I talked about Emma by Jane Austen with Bethanie from Prince Kai Fan Pod and if you haven’t listened to that podcast and you love the Lunar Chronicles, you are missing out!

Emma is about Emma Woodhouse, who has essentially assigned herself as a matchmaker. Emma has a rival, Jane Fairfax, who the town has basically decided to make them best friends although both girls seem to compete against each other to see who is the best. 

Emma has a sister, Isabella who is married to John Knightley. John Knightley also has a brother, George Knightley, who ends up hanging around Emma and her father a lot.

We also have Frank Churchill, who seems to hang around Emma a lot. He is also the son of someone Emma respects. But, as Mr. Knightley starts to question Frank Churchill’s intentions and character, Emma also starts noticing that things don’t quite add up with him.

Emma also inspired the modern retelling, Clueless, which I think not only stands alone well but it is a fun watch when you know that it’s a modern retelling. 

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