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How to Enjoy Reading Again

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So, maybe you used to be an avid reader, but you fell off when school and work got in the way. Or, you never really got into reading but want to try it out and see if you would enjoy it. This is going to be the perfect post for you! Let’s talk about how to enjoy reading again.

Shockingly, I wasn’t consistently an avid reader throughout my whole life. I went through a dry spell during college when my classes and work got in the way. But, toward the end of college, I was able to get over my reading slump and get back into books again.

So, how do you start enjoying reading again? Well, let me walk you through it.

Figure Out the Genre of Movies/Shows You Prefer

If you haven’t read in a long time and you’re no longer sure what you would enjoy reading, take a look at the type of shows and movies you enjoy, then create a list of books around that genre.

For example, if you like period dramas like Downton Abbey or Bridgerton, you can try the Bridgerton books or just the historical fiction genre. If you like A Game of Thrones or other fantasy shows, try high-fantasy novels.

You can also try the actual book behind the shows and movies you watch since a variety of shows differ from the book itself. If you love the Great Gatsby movie but you’re a bit nervous about trying classic books, the Great Gatsby is an awesome book to start with. It’s pretty short and you won’t get overly bogged down with the text itself.

Follow Book Accounts and Join Book Communities

One of the best ways to start on your reading journey is by finding other people who are reading as well. Personally, my favorite community is the #BookTok community on TikTok. I have a TikTok account, @BarelyBookish if you’re looking for a place to start. 

If you’ve never been on TikTok before, it can take a bit to curate your for you page, so stick with it and watch a lot of bookish creators to see more book recommendations!

Instagram is also a great place to find bookish accounts. You can find me @BarelyBookish as well as a multitude of other creators. Personally, I really enjoy‘s Instagram as well as Books-A-Millon‘s Instagram page. Truly, following booksellers is a great way to get access to a multitude of bookish content right on your feed.

Join a Book Club

Joining a book club is the perfect way to create a reading habit. You’ll get to meet a lot of book lovers and also get to try a wide variety of books. Plus, book clubs are not stuffy like the days of old, which is something I hear a lot of people worry about when book clubs are mentioned, but there are book clubs out there for whatever you want to try reading.

The Barely Book Club on Discord reads mostly urban fantasy and contemporary books. At the end of the reading, everyone suggests the next book they want to read, then we take all the excellent reading suggestions and vote on the next book we’re going to read.


Listening to podcasts or reading along with bookish podcasts is a great way to find new captivating narratives and get out of your reading slump. There are podcasts for every genre, whether you’re into non-fiction books, romcoms, dystopian novels, or anything in between.

If you like Classic Literature and modern classics, make sure to check out the Barely Bookish podcast. The Barley Bookish podcast analyzes classics and determines if they’re still enjoyable for the modern reader. So, you don’t have to read the book beforehand, but you can also enjoy having a deeper discussion if you have read the book previously. 

Save Money While Reading

If you’re buying dozens of books every month from a regular bookstore, it can get really expensive and take a lot of joy out of it. So, there are definitely some budget-friendly book options that may not have as much of a wide range of books, but will ultimately save you quite a bit of money. Most of these are for online reading such as ebooks.


Scribd is one of my favorite options. First, it not only has ebooks but also audiobooks and you can read as much as you want for one monthly price. You can also listen to your podcasts within the app as well, so it’s a great way to have everything all in one place.

Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited is a great option, but it also only has its own ebooks on there. So, you’ll need to make sure that the books you want to read would be included in the subscription.

Local Library

Your local library is the perfect option for most people because it’s fully free to you. Whether you like online reading or traditional books, you can rent both through the library! Your library is also more likely to have a lot of popular books in all of your favorite genres.

Any of these excellent options are sure to help you save money on your reading journey.

With all of these tips, you are well on your way to enjoying reading again. Remember, this a fun journey and you should enjoy it. If you want to start with graphic novels, cool, welcome to reading. They’re absolutely lovely. Audiobooks are also an amazing way. There are also plenty of short stories online such as my story The Beach. Whatever you start with, welcome back to your reading home. Get cozy, grab your favorite drink, and let’s talk about some fun books!

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