How to Get ARC Books

New to book blogging? I feel you. When I started this book blogging journey, I couldn’t figure out how to get ARC books! So, I wanted to make a quick blog post for those of you starting out so that you won’t have to do an insane amount of googling like I did.


Currently, I get all my books from NetGalley. I really like NetGalley because it’s super easy to request a bunch of books at once that you think your readers would enjoy. Plus, the website is incredibly easy to use and it looks really nice. Please remember, though, to review all the books you read otherwise no one is going to give you books that you request because they can see your percentage.

You can check out NetGalley by clicking here.


The other well-known ARC request platform is Edelweiss. Truthfully, I haven’t gotten any books from here yet because I am trying to slow down on my ARC request while I catch up on my TBR pile, but it seems like a lot of book bloggers use it. The one thing that kind of stinks about this platform is that you write why you want the book to the publisher. While this is great to persuade them to give it to you, it makes you slow down a lot more while requesting.

You can check out Edelweiss by clicking here.

How to Make a Good Edelweiss & NetGalley Profile

I am not a master of profiles and when that big blank bio starred back at me, I had no idea what to do. I would like to thank Amber from the Literary Phoenix (check out their site by clicking here) for sending me this super helpful article which I will now share with you all.

Basically, this article outlines what to put in your bio and what to say to publishers. I hope you all find it as helpful as I did!

Check out this post for your profile by clicking here.

Overall, I hope this helps your blog get some new ARC books! Make sure to comment below more ways you get ARC books to help out your fellow bloggers because I’m sure there are more ways than just these two.

Also, if you want more blogging tips, please click here.

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  1. What a fun little advice post! I use NetGalley as well – I’ve never jumped on the Edelweiss bandwagon because NetGalley keeps me busy. 🙂 I also use LibraryThing’s early reviewers program! They don’t get a lot of the *really* anticipated books, but sometimes you strike gold in a lesser known title. I received a finished copy of The Poet X from them, so you never know!

    Great post!

    1. I’ll have to check out LibraryThing, I’ve never heard of them. I just started Book Sirens to see how their ARC book choices are and honestly, it seems rather limited. I think NetGalley is still my favorite

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