Podcast Review: Spirits

I have mentioned before that I am absolutely obsessed with Spirits. It is actually the first podcast that I ever listened to and it got me into listening to podcasts. So, what do I love about Spirits and why am I recommending it to all of you? Well, here’s why.


I love mythology just like most of my fellow nerds out there. I want more media about gods and goddesses. I’m telling you right now if I pass by a book that mentions mythology in any form of the word, it’s probably an instant buy from me.

The reason I love the mythology that Spirits talks about is that they talk about myths from all over the world. You are introduced to so many things you’ve probably never heard of from so many different cultures you may know nothing about. I absolutely love it because I don’t think I would’ve ever found out about these stories had Julia and Amanda not found it for me.

Urban Legends

This is probably what most people talk about when they mention Spirits. Their urban legends remind me of sitting around a campfire telling ghost stories, which is an experience I never had as a child but I truly wish I could’ve. I will not lie to you all, I screamed in my car while listening to it once. It was getting spooky, and my boyfriend decided to call right in the middle of it and it scared the living daylights out of me!

Myth Movie Night

This is a new segment they added and I absolutely love it? I have no idea why but it’s wonderful and I think you all will love it too.

So, please check out this amazing podcast and their “boozy dive into mythology and folklore” it is wonderful. If you even kind of like mythology, you’re going to love this. Plus, their logo is super rad. Also, if you would rather read than listen, they have transcripts available on their website because they’re just that good! Check out their website by clicking here and you can subscribe to them wherever you listen to podcasts by searching ‘Spirits’.

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