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Red Rising Book Order

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If you, like me, were a big fan of dystopian novels growing up, Red Rising by Pierce Brown is sure to scratch this itch for you and quickly become a favorite book series.

This is a book series that many are comparing as a cross between Ender’s Game and the Hunger Games, which honestly, what more could you want?  This dystopian society is run by a caste system where each of the castes is color-coordinated, with Red being the lowest and the gold society being the highest. 

Summary of Red Rising

As a Red, Darrow is part of the lowest caste in a color-coded society. He and the people of his caste all do backbreaking labor, believing that they’re making Mars liveable for future generations of humanity. 

As it turns out, people reach the surface generations ago and Mars has already been colonized, with vast cities and lush wilds already all overtaking the planet. Turns out, the dominant gold caste oppressed people to do their bidding, making it seem as though this was all to the benefit of the future of civilization.

Now, fueled with a desire for retribution and a longing for justice,  Darrow enters the Institute, where he’ll compete against the next generation of overlords. He is on a desperate mission to ensure that his enemies are brought down, even at the cost of his own morals.

Red Rising Book Order

  1. Red Rising
  2. Golden Son
  3. Morning Star
  4. Iron Gold
  5. Dark Age
  6. Lightbringer (releases July 25, 2023)

Other Media

If you like podcasts, YA Book Chat has an episode all about Pierce Brown’s Red Rising with the first few minutes spoilers-free. That way, you can get more details about the story and enjoy someone reading it along with you.

You may recognize Leah from YA Book Chat on my podcast in the Alice in Wonderland episodes.

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