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Disclaimer: I am a Grammarly affiliate, which means that if you click the links in this article, I make a small commission. However, I only suggest products to you that I firmly believe in so rest assured that I literally use Grammarly every single day.

After you started writing blog post, you’ve probably noticed that WordPress doesn’t have a spellchecker. If you were like me, you thought ‘eh, I know how to spell. I write well enough.’ Let me tell you, we, as writers, tend to miss mistakes in our own writing more than we realize.

After starting on this blogging journey, I had a couple of comments on my short story saying that I misspelled things, or I used the wrong tense. I was shocked, and honestly a bit embarrassed. Then, someone mentioned Grammarly to me and said there was a free version! So, I downloaded it and I honestly can’t live without it.

Not only does Grammarly work as a spellchecker, but it also helps your grammar, just as the name implies. I finally learned that “there is” isn’t correct, you’re actually supposed to say “there are”.

While using it, it’s honestly teaching me. I also downloaded the app for my phone to use a Grammarly keyboard on my phone so that it double-checks my emails but I honestly use it for everything. So, even if you’re not a blogger, I cannot recommend Grammarly enough.

Grammarly had made me sound so much more professional and helped avoid most of those ‘oh no, I can’t believe I sent that to my boss’ moments when I misspelled a very common word. I am not perfect. I mess up a lot, especially when it comes to grammar. Having this extra help is such a lifesaver!

So, whether you’re a blogger, a student, or just a human who likes to sound good, check out Grammarly. It’ll help you avoid the constant re-reading over your work.

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