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So, basically this is the first scene to a novel that I thought of, but if you all want to use it for writing inspiration, that’s cool too! I don’t know if I will ever get around to writing the full thing so I thought it might be fun to put it out here so everyone could enjoy it.

A breeze tickled her ear and it flicked harshly in response to the unwelcomed feeling. She crouched lower, the new sprouts of grass tickled her stomach as she listened, waiting.

She has been in this form too long and she knew it. Her human instincts were beginning to fade. She had to continue to remind herself of who she was more than she cared to admit.

She finally had everything she needed to create a ward so they would be unable to track her in her human form. Trouble is, she needed to be in her human form to make it.

She made her way up to northern Scotland, far enough away from central London where they originally found her to make her feel almost comfortable. But even with the distance, she knew she could only risk mere minutes in her human form.

A mouse ran in front of her and she felt the sudden urge to chase it. Her tail flicked at the mere thought and she had to shake her head to clear it, trying to regain some sense of humanity.

She found her way back to her hid out. It was an old, decrepit barn with a rat infestation. As she crawled through the hole in the wall, she came out into what used to be indoors. Now, however, with most of the roof gone, the inside was mostly exposed with just patches of covering in which she made her home.

Ember dropped the bark from the birch tree she gathered and dug up the rest of her ingredients. She did her best to put them in a line by batting at them with her paws so they would be easy to use in her human form.

With all the ingredients in as neat of a row as she could muster, she sat down and stared at them. She knew she had everything she needed, but the fear in her heart begged her to wait. If she listened to it, she knew she would wait forever, eventually losing herself completely in this form. She closed her eyes, took a deep, calming breath and freed herself from her animal state.

She could feel the tracking spell in her bones the moment she changed back. Ember grabbed the ingredients, whispering her incantations as quickly as her hoarse voice would allow. She combined them all into the small spell bag and tied it close around her neck. The ringing of the spell in her bones ceased, but she knew they had enough of a warning to know exactly where she was.

Quickly, she shifted back into her animal form and ran towards the woods that lined the small farm. She barely made it to the treeline when she heard the crack in the air, signaling their arrival. Ember crouched low into the roots of the tree and watched them, studying them.

The first figure to step out of the rip was the chancellor. He wore a fully black suite which was in stark contrast to his white hair.

Ember’s head came lower to the ground, even though she logically knew they couldn’t see her. She watched the chancellor stroll into the barn, already knowing that she was undoubtedly gone.

“You will regret not surrendering yourself, Ember. You will seek us out.” The chancellor yelled into the air, willing his voice to be carried across the wind. He sneered at the barn and, with a flick of his wrist, he set it aflame.

Casually, the chancellor motioned to the rest of his crew to fan out and search. Ember took this as her cue, she quickly turned around and sprinted as fast as her small cat form would allow.

I hope you all enjoyed this little scene. I’ve been in a bit of a witchy mood recently and this scene demanded to be written. Maybe, after I finish my current WIP I’ll come back to it. But, for now, I hope you all find some writing inspiration in it and it can help fuel your next story.

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Happy writing, everybody!

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