Trying to come up with your next novel? In need of a little inspiration? Check out this short scene that should serve as a good story prompt for all my writers out there. Happy writing!

She took a drag of her cigarette and looked around the rooftop bar. She was sitting on the edge of the roof, but no one paid her any attention.

She watched the people gather around in small cliques as she snubbed out her cigarette. Looking behind her, she saw people walking along the streets, hurrying to get home as the evening turned to night. The street lights turned on a while ago, casting an eerie glow on the sidewalk.

She hopped off the rooftop, now moving through the crowd and behind the bar. The bartender turned to her as she poured herself a drink, unseeing, he grabbed a bottle over her head and poured and drink for an already too drunk patron.

She sighed, topping off her drink and took a sip. Just to make sure, she waved her hand in front of the bartender’s face. He didn’t notice, instead, he continued to ring up someone’s tab, paying her no mind.

She didn’t know why her heart sank, even though she had grown used to it. It’s almost as if she expected a different result, and yet it’s always the same.

It’s been two months. In the beginning, she would scream, she would cry, hoping, even praying someone could see her. That someone could hear her. Yet everyone carried on, some even walking through her. The hardest part was she knew she wasn’t dead. She just had to find her time.

See, she could travel in time, but she couldn’t interact with anything. This is what she had learned. The further away from her own time she went, the bigger the strain on her body and the longer she had to wait until she could travel again.

Her first trip, she went forward in time forty years. Once she saw all she wanted to see, she tried to come back, but couldn’t muster up the energy. That took two days to heal. She decided to go back in time, thinking that would be easier, not factoring in the time. So, she went back to the twenties, wanting to see what all the rage was about. Now, that jump took her two weeks to heal.

That’s where her problems started. She couldn’t figure out the exact time she left and she kept missing the exact day. She also learned she couldn’t be in the same area as herself, no matter how hard she tried she ended up hours away.

I hope everyone enjoyed this short scene and story prompt. If it inspires you at all, make sure to tag me in the story because I would love to read it!

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Photo by Seth Macey on Unsplash

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  1. This story is kind of creepy because your character can time travel through her mind and I can do the same thing with remote viewing, so it’s very scary to hear this story, I Hope it’s factitious, if not I don’t think I will be doing remote viewing anymore because I don’t want to get stuck anywhere, besides that it was a great story.

    1. I’m sorry it scared you! Yes, it was fictitious, supposed to be serving as a writing prompt for other writers.

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