Where to Find Writing Prompts

Trying to find something to inspire your story is incredibly hard. Trust me, I know. So, I compiled a list of resources for anyone searching for new writing prompts and story inspiration in the hopes this will help you all write your next book. Whether you’re looking for fantasy writing prompts or general fiction prompts, you should be able to find something to you’ll be inspired by.


I’ll be honest, my go-to for writing prompts is Pinterest. I scroll through Pinterest for probably an hour, trying to find the perfect prompt to inspire me. If you all don’t want to search the internet for an hour, I do have a Pinterest board with all my favorite prompts and you can see it by clicking here. I’m also part of a couple of group boards with writing prompts, so if you like, you can just search through my profile.

I honestly think Pinterest is my favorite way to find writing prompts. But, if that doesn’t work, here are a few other ways to look for prompts.

Short Scenes

If you’re more into long-form writing inspiration, check out some of my short scenes by clicking here. They all range in genre from fantasy writing prompts to supernatural and more, so there should be something there for everyone unless you’re into romance, I haven’t written a romance scene yet. (Sorry!) But, those scenes essential let you get a feel of the setting and a general idea of what’s happening, then it stops and lets you make your own decisions of where the story is going to go.

There’s also a couple of traditional writing prompts on there as well and a visual writing prompt. If you follow that link, you’ll be able to see all of it.


The final place I turn to for writing inspiration is Instagram. I don’t really love Instagram as much to be honest because I don’t always feel like I get the best prompts from there, but maybe you all will have a different experience than me.

Usually, I just look at #writingprompts which you can do by clicking here. The hard part is that everyone kind of posts what they want and they’re not always writing prompts. But, hopefully, you’ll be able to find something that you like!

Secret Room

I also have the Secret Room on my blog, which has writing prompts, printable, and is getting more content all the time! If you haven’t checked it out yet, please do by clicking here. It’s FREE and available to anyone who makes an account. Happy writing everyone!

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