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I’ve seen a lot of people trying to decide whether they should start with Wix or WordPress and as someone who has used both, I have some thoughts. Essentially, I am going to outline all my thoughts on each in the hopes that it helps you make your decision. I do want to note that these are just my personal opinions and that people may feel differently, but I am just tossing my opinion out there.

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The first thing I ever started with when I was building websites was Wix. I think the first thing I noticed was that it’s super easy to learn, but after that, I had some problems with it.

My first issue with Wix is that when you made an edit with it, you have to redo everything because nothing is automatic. So, for a pretty static website that doesn’t need to be updated consistently, that’s fine. In my case, I was changing photos around and I constantly had to redo the formatting.

My second issue with Wix is that they do the mobile version differently, So, when you make changes, it doesn’t automatically fix the mobile version, you have to switch to the mobile version itself and make the changes.

Overall, I think Wix is very easy to learn, but unless they’ve made an update or had something I don’t know about, I find it rather annoying to use. Personally, I want things to be automatic a lot more often than not. I don’t mean to be down on Wix, it is exactly what it claims to be, user-friendly, but if you’re a blogger or a business that continues to update and change your website, I do not think this will be the one for you.

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This website your on was built on WordPress, and I truly prefer it. I love that it’s optimized and automatic so that I don’t constantly change the look of my site whenever I need to update something. Plus, I love that you can buy themes and easily shape them to your needs.

I will say, WordPress is a bit daunting to learn. When you first log in, it can be frightening, especially if you’re not incredibly computer savvy. But, in the long run, I think it’s easier to maintain. Plus, there’s plenty of step-by-step tutorials you can use online.

I hope this helps some of you who have been looking into either option. I am not sponsored by either and it’s truly just my opinion on the matter. But, I hope it helps some of you make your decision.

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