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I have a hard time committing to daily writing. I’m a full-time college student, which means that I can always find a reason to not write and do homework instead. Excuses are easy, writing is hard. So, I feel like that’s why I had to make a writing printable, essentially to kick my own butt into gear, and if you’re like me, yours as well.

So, I broke it into a variety of types because a lot of my readers are at different levels of writing. There are people like me, who struggle to get 500 words a day, there are people who push themselves to 1,000 words a day, and there are people who have no problem writing 2,000 words a day but maybe need a little help with consistency. Now you may be a little nervous, thinking ‘I don’t fall into any of those categories.’ Don’t fret, I even made a printable where you can fill in your own goals, so if you need lighter days/weeks or possibly you have time off and want to make a heavier goal, then this is the printable for you.

So, I created two writing printables for every goal, a weekly and daily printable. I think there’s something here for everyone, so I hope you like them! To download the printable, just right click and save.

500 Words

1000 Words

2000 Words


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