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Hello everyone! Today I wanted to share some bookstagram worthy writing prompts. Also, if you haven’t had the chance to check out the free secret page yet, please do. I just added two more writing prompts yesterday and I’m sure you all will love it.

If you all use these, please tag me! I would love to see what you all are working on and share as many as I can. Please, send me your stories!

Writing Prompt Submission

We also have a prompt submission from @SorcererofTea on Twitter, you can check them out by clicking on their name. Want to see your own post on here? Use #bbwritingprompt and I’ll retweet and include as many as I can.

I really enjoy making these Instagram-type posts! They’re so much fun and I hope to see more of them on all my followers Instagrams. If you want to use this, all you have to do is hold it and press save. Or, if you’re on a computer, just right click and save. They’re totally free to use and I encourage everyone to post them! All I ask is that you don’t crop out my logo. Also, if you would like to tag me in it, I would love that!

I hope you all like these story prompts! If you want more writing prompts, check out the secret room by clicking here. It’s free and it’s updated all the time!

Also, if you would like to see more short scenes and writing inspiration, click here. You’re sure to find something that will inspire your next story.

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